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This article tells about history of one of the greatest chainsaw producing companies ever existed: the STIHL. It is focused on technical innovations, found on STIHL and about the influence this company caused on chainsaw world market.

Young mechanical engineer Andreas Stihl initially produced component parts for steam boilers and washing machines. Engineers and mechanics were left wondering about how to get the work in the wood easier. The idea was to mechanize the hard work of employees of the woodworking industry.
In 1926, Andreas Stihl founded his own company (full name: Andreas Stihl AC & Co. KG.) in Germany in Stuttgart to create saw, powered by gas that could be operated by single person. First saw he created was an electric chainsaw.
It had power of 2.2 kW, weight 48 kg. It was a two-handed saw, designed for use in warehouses of round wood.

In 1929, in the design office of the company created the first gas-powered chainsaw, which operation required two workers. Saw had been successfully tested and was exported to Belgium, Holland, France and Switzerland the same year. It was a saw for two workers with a capacity of 6 hp and weight of 46 kg.
In 1931, Andreas Stihl begins to export his products; he travels to Russia and United States and enters into contracts for the export of a large number of STIHL machines for tree felling.
In 1932 STIHL machine factory, located in the town of Bad Cannstatt near Stuttgart, received a patent for the 3-link cutting chain with cutting and scratching teeth, providing the better release of sawdust.

STIHL chain patentInnovative STIHL chain looked like this

In 1935 he produced the BB? bow saw. This special saw begins to be used for bucking logs in round wood warehouses.
Stihl Bowsaw

In 1943 a two-handed chainsaw KS 43 was produced. Housings of air blower, fuel tank and a KS 43 carburetor (8 hp, 36 kg) were made of super-light magnesium alloy.

Stihl KS 43

KS 43

1944 – Machine-Building Plant was destroyed. All production is transferred to Neustadt (Waiblingen).
Stihl KS 43 action

Felling a tree using KS 43

World`s first chainsaw BL (16 kg) operated by one person was introduced. It is equipped with a carburetor that can be adjusted manually. Thereby, this saw can be used not only for bucking, but also for tree felling.

Stihl BL firstStihl BL chainsaw


STIHL produces legendary Contra (+video)

At the end of 50-s the gas chainsaw operated by one person – the legendary STIHL Contra was presented on the market. It was a revolutionary machine in the field of gas chainsaws. After its appearance on the market and great reviews, American loggers called Andreas Shtil the “father of chainsaws”. STIHL chainsaw became the most popular gas-powered chain saw all over the world.
In 1953, on the basis of this saw was created the BL 241 auger. Special additional block turns the BL chainsaw into a gas auger for drilling planting holes.

Stihl contra

Video below shows STIHL Contra at work, after being idle for move than 20 years.

In 1954 a chainsaw BLK was produced. The first really light chainsaw weighs 11 kg and is called BLK, which means “Benzin – Leicht – Klein” (“gasoline – light – compact”).
1960 Hans Peter Stihl (born 04.18.1932), the Andreas Stihl eldest son, began working as an assistant to the company manager. Until June 2002, Hans Peter Stihl was a chairman of the company.
In 1964, STIHL Company had 1000 employees.
Direct drive chainsaw 07 was presented at the industrial exhibition in Hanover. It is intended for use in middle-density forest plantations. Chainsaw 08 was not just another model released on the market – a special drive unit makes it almost universal.
Gradually expanding range of tools mounted for various applications: manual auger serviced by two workers BT 308 (1964), the abrasive cutting device TS 08 (1965), manual auger serviced by a single worker BT 309 (1965), brush cutter FS 08 (1969)
Among the innovations – anti-vibration system. Chainsaw is equipped with the anti-vibration handle that through carefully chosen damping elements prevents the transfer of vibration from the engine and rotating chain to the workers hands.
One more innovation – electronic ignition system. Chainsaw 041 AV has an electronic ignition system which provides a flawless start and optimal combustion of the fuel mixture.

1966 – chainsaw 040

On the 40th anniversary of the STIHL Company introduced a 040 model, which became a sensation – at a power of 3.7 hp this chainsaw weighs only 6.8 kg. This saw first overcomes the border of weight to power ratio: 2.0 kg / hp.

Stihl 040
1969 – STIHL new record – millionth chainsaw comes down the conveyor
Annual Turnover for the first time exceeded 100 million of German marks. 12 years after the chainsaw STIHL Contra appeared on the market, STIHL Company became the leader in the chain saws sales worldwide.

1971 – Chain brake QuickStop

The chain brake is activated by the lever, located in front of the handle; for a split second it stops the chain, when the guide bar is raised.

1974 – STIHL Company number of employees reaches 3,000.
1976 – STIHL solemnly celebrates the 50th anniversary of the company.
1987 – Ematic system for chainsaws. Ematic system helps to minimize oil consumption and, thereby, reduce operating costs and lower the burden on the environment.
1988 – STIHL is develops the world`s first catalyst for two-stroke engines. The catalyst reduces the volume of harmful hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases by 70-80%. The first chainsaw model with a catalyst is STIHL 044 C.

New branches abroad:

New Zealand (1983)
Spain (1984)
Belgium (1985)
Sweden (1987)
Ukraine (2002)
China, Qingdao (2005)
Bulgaria (2005)
India (2006)
1989 – Refilling system for chainsaws and other gas-tools. Filling system offered as a special accessory to STIHL combined canister, allows clean filling of gas and oil tanks. When the tank is full, it stops automatically.
For over 80 years STIHL retains status of a leader in the global market. Every third chainsaw sold in the world is a STIHL tool. Besides chainsaws STIHL also manufactures a wide range of first-class devices for garden care, abrasive cutting device and augers, cleaning devices and equipment for forestry. Any STIHL products characterized by exceptional performance and the ease of operating. In addition, it meets the highest standards of environmental safety and security at work.

All details and the oldest history of the Stihl Company + Video

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