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Process of listing companies, specializing in the production of chainsaws, can take a long time. So today we’ll focus on manufacturers that are more likely at the hearing.

This, above all, Husqvarna (Sweden), Partner and Stihl (Germany), ECHO (Japan) and EFCO (Italy). In addition, not less popular brands are Makita, Sparky, Hitachi, Craftsman, Greenline, Sungarden, Stiga, Poulan, Alpina, Abac, Homelite, and others. Obviously, the mentioned above companies’ products have both advantages and disadvantages. Why, then, is this article gave preference only five of the many existing brands? May be this choice is not accidental and is based on a number of important factors? So it is. Each brand, you see in this article were analyzed thoroughly on the subject of its technical characteristics, technological features, the results of comparative testing and customer feedback.

Husqvarna (Sweden)

Saws, manufactured by this oldest European brand, deserve special attention from consumers. Regardless of the model, Husqvarna chainsaws are always productive and effective, demonstrating the consistent high power at work. Since the manufacturer is serious about ergonomics, (body and handles) and other solutions, providing comfort (multi-level system of vibration absorption), with a Husqvarna work becomes a pleasure. In addition, the company provides a two-year warranty on domestic chain models and one – on professional powered tools.
We recommend paying special attention to the models Husqvarna 240e and 142e (X-TORQ).

Partner and Stihl (Germany)

These brands are in the same “weight” category as the Husqvarna. This is yet another favorite of the domestic market gasoline-powered tools. Stihl chain saws are ideal for any environment, having a high performance, compact and well thought-out ergonomic shapes. Stihl tools are equipped with anti-vibration, easy start and carburetor pre-heating systems. ErgoStart, QuickStop and Ematic systems make this tool even better. Partner products are unique, being equipped with automatic chain lubrication, inertial brake and the original systems of vibration absorption and cleaning. Being the absolute leaders in the domestic tools class, Partner and Stihl are reliable and easy to operate. In recent years, the cheap copies of above mentioned manufacturers frequently appear on market and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to place where the instrument is purchased. It is best to buy Husqvarna, Partner or Stihl tools on online stores specialized on selling high quality tools from the manufacturer.
Carefully consider of chosing STIHL MS 180 or PARTNER P350S (340S or 360S).

Chainsaw partner-350s

ECHO (Japan) and EFCO (Italy)

What do we know about these brands? They are not as popular as Husqvarna, Partner or Stihl, but deserve serious consumer attention. Let’s start with the ubiquitous Japanese. ECHO company produces garden tools and various equipment for more than 40 years. The company’s goal is to design and manufacture products with flawless performance. ECHO pays particular attention on for high power, compactness, lightweight, quiet and long life of each product.
Look closely at the model CS-350WES CS-260 or TES, which have long been proven to be an indispensable tool in private households, on farms, in parks and gardens. Direct users report high reliability of this technique.

Echo CS-350WES-14

We bring to your attention another unique model EFCO 137 from the Italian manufacturer. An optimal ratio of weight and power is not the only good thing about this saw, there are also a good balance, high speed and comfortable handles. EFCO 137 is easy to start even when the ambient temperature drops low. Due to the unique filtration system, EFCO air filter can be cleaned much less often than one of the products of other manufacturers. Scope of these instruments includes both domestic use, and work at garden or cottage.

chainsaw efco-137

Which tool wins the struggle for the consumer?

So, what characteristics should have the performance and reliable chainsaw?
High operational resource.
Optimal ratio of saw gear parameters and engine power.
The presence of an effective inertial brake and other remedies.
High quality vibration damping system.
Ease of operation and maintenance.

Products of Husqvarna, Partner, Stihl, ECHO and EFCO fully meet these requirements, and that was our main driving factor in their choice.
Unfortunately, the production of Chinese companies, though committed to the European level, while possessing more affordable prices, still the service of this instrument category presented on the market is pretty bad. Chinese products have a number of problems associated with engine starting in harsh climate. Thus, due to the temporary imperfection of Chinese gasoline-powered tools, the winners in this comparative analysis are the world-famous European and Japanese brands with their unsurpassed attention to detail and impeccably organized maintenance.


The winners in this race for the consumer’s attention, of course, are experienced brands with established traditions of quality and high level of trust on the part of the prospective consumer. The only one who can lose is a buyer, who trust momentary impulse associated with the desire to try something new and very cheap. Anyway, what to chose is up to you.

Best models of domestic and semi-professional chainsaws to choose. Top-rated brands of chainsaws.

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