Chainsaw for occasional use — Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw

Cordless chainsaws often become a very good solution to the widest range of problems. Non-professional arborists as well as ordinary homeowners like models such as Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw. These tools have good and rather powerful engines. Moreover, with the help of this particular Husqvarna model it’s possible to perform even some hard tasks.

Specifications of Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw

Technical characteristics of Husqvarna 536 Li Xp


Power, Volt 36
Bar length, inch 10-14
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Weight, kg 2.3

Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw can boast with rather powerful battery, voltage of which is equal to 36 volts. Type of this battery is Li-Ion one, so users are guaranteed with long period of exploitation without charging. Brushless type of motor is also an advantage of this model. Despite the fact that this chainsaw is a cordless one, user still needs to add some oil. The volume of oil tank is equal to 0.19 liters.

Loggers can use bars from 10 to 14 inches with Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw. The weight of this tool is 2.3 kg, so we can speak about rather good power to weight ratio. Operators can perform different tasks even in hard to reach place. Light weight and compact size are one of the greatest pluses of this model. Low level of vibration, noise and dirt are also crucial things for some users. You won’t face problems while working near windows of your neighbors.

Reasons to choose Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw

Husqvarna 536 Li Xp is a good choice

Reasons to buy Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw

Loggers that still lack experience in cutting wood should definitely try Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw. This model is a very good step from non-professional instrument to professional one. Look at the plain facts, this tool features adequate performance, can boast with rather high performance together with high chain speed. Highest quality of all Husqvarna products is undoubted and this cordless model isn’t an exception to this rule.

Modern chainsaws are highly technological and intelligent tools, the same is with Husqvarna 536 Li Xp. Useful and important technologies simplify working process, provide better safety and prolong term of exploitation. First of all Li-Ion battery is in charge for high performance and long-lasting working process. Brushless motor will surprise operators, cause is 25% more efficient than motor with brushes. Intuitive keypad will save a lot of time, especially during first times of using. Inertia chain break is a standard system of every modern chainsaw. 36-Volt Lithium Battery allows to work as long as some gasoline chainsaws work. In some cases this tool can work longer than some gasoline powered instruments for woodcutting. Due to all these things novice loggers will be pleased by the work. Trimming of bushes and trees, cutting all possible branches and of course cutting trunks of average diameters, all these things and even more can be performed with Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw.

Small but rather important details

Distinctive technologies of Husqvarna 536 Li Xp

Features of Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw

Other pleasant and useful things like retained bar nuts can also be found in this particular tool. In particular, this very thing helps not to loose these small tool elements. 36-Volt Lithium Battery is a unified thing, user can work with other Husqvarna cordless products using it. Maintenance of Husqvarna 536 Li Xp cordless chainsaw is an easy thing. There are less parts that need cleaning and changing, the construction is simpler than in ordinary gasoline chainsaw.

Of course, even this instrument has some disadvantages. Lithium battery is a good thing, till you don’t need to charge it and wait before it will be fully charged. There is a good way out from this situation, just buy one more battery. The majority of gasoline powered tools will have better performance and all in all will be more powerful.

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