Chainsaw Safety Tips

A chainsaw is a power tool designed for the purpose of getting certain forestry and agricultural jobs done with great efficiency and exactness. But its potency comes with a risk involved. Chainsaws can be dangerous if used incorrectly, haphazardly or casually. They are powerful, forceful tools which require the utmost concentration, as well as physical and mental discipline by those using them.

Using any kind of high-risk equipment means there will always be an element of risk – the key is to lower the risk, or at to least control it. As the chainsaw is a high-speed power tool, minimising risk takes extra effort and extra precautions.

Before using a chainsaw, you should make sure that you’re competent to do so. In the agricultural sector, a certificate of competence is compulsory and should always be enforced. If you are to be working alone and it isn’t possible for you to undertake relevant training, ask your chainsaw dealer to demonstrate how to ably operate the tool.

You should never operate a chainsaw when tired. Tiredness can lead to a loss of focus, and any kind of momentary lapse when operating a power tool can be potentially fatal. If you know that you’re going to be using a chainsaw for a particularly long period of time, you should take rests between uses to decrease the possibility of fatigue.

Clothing is an important factor in reducing and controlling risks. Adequate clothing when operating a chainsaw is clothing that is strong and sturdy, but which does not hamper the fee movement of the arms. You must always be able to move your limbs freely. Strong clothing will have a greater chance of resisting the saw cutting through. You should always avoid loose clothing, or anything which could potentially entangle itself in the saw. Nonslip gloves will also help you to tighten your grip on the chainsaw, lessening the risk of it slipping from your grasp. Safety goggles should always be worn to protect your eyes.

You must always ensure that the chainsaw’s engine is not running if you are not using the tool. Never walk with a chainsaw switched on and always make sure the saw is in the correct position, with the bar behind you.

Working alone with a chainsaw comes with its own risks. If you are to be working alone with a chainsaw, you should have something nearby which would raise an alarm if something were to go wrong. Make sure that somebody knows you are going to be using a chainsaw; perhaps a friend or, even better, a neighbour. Operating a chainsaw, whether alone or when working with others, must only be done in good visibility. It should also never be operated indoors; chainsaws produce toxic exhaust fumes, and working with them indoors can cause serious long-term injuries.

Finally, you should always consult your owners manual, particularly when in doubt. The manual will give you lots of information pertaining to things such as how to correctly pull the starter grip and adjust idle speed. Such information is invaluable and would help to further minimise the risk of injury. If you have misplaced the owners manual, consult out the dealer’s website.

Chainsaw Safety Tips. How to use chainsaw safely

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