Choosing the best gasoline chainsaws for novices

Many people want to buy a gasoline chainsaw one day. Of course, they have a lot of doubts and have no idea what model to choose. Professional and semi-professional tools don’t suit this category of future operators. Often novices just need simple, light and not powerful instrument to start. We want to offer 4 best gasoline chainsaws for novices. They fit the bill and will become won’t bring many problems. Welcome Hitachi (14”) 32cc, Partner P340S, Husqvarna 137 and Echo CS-310 gasoline chainsaws.

Specifications of best gasoline chainsaws for novices

Technical characteristics of best non-professional chainsaws


ModelHitachi (14”) 32ccPartner P340SHusqvarna 137Echo CS-310
Power, kW1.21.441.49N/A
Engine displacement, cc323536.330.5
Bar length, inch141413-1514
Chain pitch, inch3/83/83/83/8
Weight, kg5.

You see, that we deal with famous and simple brands in this comparison. The best gasoline chainsaws for novices have almost the same characteristics. Nevertheless, let’s figure out the most powerful tool. Here the winner is Husqvarna 137 with 1.49 kW, second place Partner P340S with 1.44 kW and the third Hitachi (14”) 32cc with 1.2 kW. The next crucial characteristic is the displacement of engine. In this case the leader is Husqvarna 137 with 36.3 cc. Then go Partner P340S with 35 cc, Hitachi (14”) 32cc with 32 cc and Echo CS-310 with 30.5 cc. In both cases Husqvarna dominates and is the most powerful instrument.

It’s useless to buy a heavy tool as the first one. Novices should have light and compact tools. Echo CS-310 is the lightest model and its weight is equal to 3.9 kg. Partner and Husqvarna models have the same figure – 4.5 kg. The heaviest instrument is Hitachi model with 5.4 kg. The most adequate power to weight ratio has Husqvarna 137 gasoline chainsaws. And the worst one Hitachi (14”) 32cc. It’s obvious that it’s better to buy a more balanced intrument. Of course, it you want a convenient tool that will bring additional comfort during work. But let’s move to the next characteristic.

Available length of bars is a crucial thing even for non-professional tools. All models except to Husqvarna 137 got only one 14 inches bar. The mentioned chainsaw has a small range of available lengths from 13 to 15 inches. Actually, there is no need to use longer bars for inexperienced operators. At the same time it’s pleasant to have choice of bars. Husqvarna chainsaw is more universal one than others. This fact doesn’t mean that it’s possible to cut huge trunks with it. This is still non-professional instrument, that is just a little bit better than other. Nevertheless, comparison of the best gasoline chainsaws for novices isn’t over.

Distinctive features of the best gasoline chainsaws for novices

Distinctive features of the best gasoline chainsaws for novices

Special features of non-professional chainsaws

Let’s start with our leader. Every single Husqvarna chainsaw has a lot to offer, even simple Husqvarna 137. Starting mechanism is very simple and makes the process of start quick and smooth. Good air filter is also and advantage. You will clean it less than other tools. This model has problems, like a lot of plastic details, oil leaks and absence of grabber bar. Its term of exploitation is equal to 5 years. Careful user can always double this term.

The most unbalanced Hitachi (14”) 32cc has some useful technologies too. PureFire system reduces emission. Two bar mounting studs helps to cut everything with maximum efficiency. Producer gives 7-year warranty and this is the best number. Of course, this tool has cons. Its power to weight ratio is the worst one among models. The weight is too heavy. Problems with stating are also rather common for these saws.

Partner P340s also has something to offer. Good anti-vibration system together with inertia-activated chain break. These things add more comfort and safety during work. Centrifugal air cleaning system helps with easy starting and prolongs live of the engine. Producer gives 5-year warranty. Partner model created with the help of simple but reliable materials. Nevertheless, it’s too much plastic. Maintenance isn’t an easy process.

The last model is Echo CS-310 gasoline chainsaw. First of all it’s very light and of course very comfortable. Easy and smooth start together with simple maintenance is the main pluses of this tool. 5-year warranty from producer is one more advantage. This instrument has no significant advantages and disadvantages, we consider this fact a good one.

Conclusion about the best gasoline chainsaws for novices

Conclusion about the best gasoline chainsaws for novices

Summary about the best gasoline chainsaws for novices

After this thorough comparison it’s obvious that it’s better to start with famous and reliable Husqvarna 137 gasoline chainsaw. This particular model has everything a novice user may need during exploitation. Those who want to own very light tool should choose Echo CS-310. If you’re looking for a very reliable tool you should buy Hitachi (14”) 32cc, due to the best materials and 7-year warranty. If you want to use something average, not a good and bad chainsaws, your tool is Partner P340S. Future operators will get maximum comfort using Husqvarna and Echo models. Others are also good options to choose. It’s always better to try all models for several times and choose the most suitable variant.

Review of the best gasoline chainsaws for novices

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