Chainsaw regular maintenance guide

Chainsaw is a very specific tool. Invented a long time ago, a chainsaw has been and remains an indispensable tool in a private house on the plot, in industrial logging and construction and repair works. This guide focuses on the procedures that need to be regularly done with your chainsaw in order to maximize its performance and lifetime.


Chainsaw consists of the engine block, the handles and the bar, actually the cutting part of the saw.


Without exception, all gas the chainsaws are equipped with a two-stroke engine. The special feature of such engines – the need to mix gasoline and oil to lubricate the internal parts. Every chainsaw is equipped with two tanks. The first is used for gasoline+oil blend, the other is for lubrication of chain and bar. It is important to make sure that the bar and the chain are permanently lubricated; the work with dry chain leads to overheating and rapid destruction of the working body.

The manufacturer recommends mixing fuel with their own oil for two-stroke engines. But sometimes this oil doesn’t “cooperate” well with gasoline: the mixture loses its features after 10-20 days. They also recommend removing both fuel and oil for chain from the tool during prolonged storage. To make this easier, use a plastic bottle with a wide neck. You can prepare fuel in this bottle. Use a bottle of the same size as fuel tank of your saw.

Fuel refillingFuel refilling

Easy way to mix gas with oil (exapmle with a 250 ml oil tank):

  1. Fill your 250 ml bottle with gas.
  2. Take 5 ml of lube with a big medical syringe.
  3. Put a syringe needle into the gas, and pull the plunger until the syringe gets filled.
  4. Push the plunger.
  5. Repeat p.3-4 two more times.

Blend prepared this way is perfectly mixed and you never going to have problems with your saw.

In fact it’s not necessary to buy specific oil. You can either use oil such as SD/CB or just semi-synthetic oil. Just avoid used oil, for its metal particles can destroy all the gears of your chainsaw really quickly. One more advice – don’t work too much with painted wood and pieces of wood with clumps of clinging sand or earth. This kind of work dulls the chain teeth dramatically. To find out a state of teeth, make an easy test: put a working chain on a wooden surface. Sharp chain saws without any extra pressure. Dull chain doesn’t cut – you have to push the tool with your hands.

It’s enough to sharp your chain every time you get empty fuel tank. After the sharpening procedure remove the chain and take look on the grooves and the oil feed hole to check if there are dirt and sand you have to clean. Then set up another chain. Use 2 chains in turn. Doing this you keep all the saw equipment (2 chains, a bar and a sprocket) worn equally.

End of the work

Once you finished the work:

  1. Weaken the tension of the chain.
  2. Pour out the remaining gasoline and oil from the both tanks.
  3. Lock the chain and run the engine to burn residual fuel in the system. This is necessary to avoid harm effects on fuel pump diaphragm.

Thus, we recommend to prepare gasoline mixture right before use. The residue (if you got some) is perfect for cleaning the saw details, what will be discussed below. For the beginning, use a wide paint brush to clean the tool surface from dirt and sawdust. Sawdust sticks to plastic relatively tight due to use of oil in the lubrication chain system and moisture. After cleaning the outside, remove the cover under which there is a sprocket, driving the chain. To do so, unscrew two mounting nuts.

Mounting Nuts

The mounting nuts


Then, maximally loosen the chain tension and remove it along with the bar.


Tension adjust screw

Tightening adjust screw

Now, soaking the brush in gasoline, wash the surface around the sprocket and the surrounding areas. Separately, wash the chain and guide bar. Sand is a dangerous abrasive for saw armature! Gasoline washes away all the dirt residues and sand from chain and bar.

Next step – removing the cover from the air intake and cleaning the air filter. This filter is recommended to change after spending of 20-25 tanks of petrol (service workers advice). Try to clean the filter after two or more refills of gasoline. Good results can be obtained with the use of a domestic vacuum cleaner. After the cleaning set up the filter back and close the cover.

Chainsaw air filter


Clean chainsaw air filter

After each 5th-7th gasoline refills remove the round spring which holds the sprocket and carefully remove the sprocket itself. There are needle bearing right under the sprocket. It has to be carefully removed and wiped with a clean cloth. Then wipe the axle, clutch shoe and other surrounding clutch mechanisms. Next, use the special needle bearing lube and oil the axle, bearing and the inner surface of the sprocket. Assemble the mechanism in reverse order.

Set the bar with a chain, covers and mounting nuts. You’re done! Store the tool in this state until next use.

A few more tips at the end of the article.

Chainsaw maintenance Inside the Husqvarna 562 xp (Video)

When buying the chainsaw, be sure to purchase at least one spare chain. Ideally you should have not two, but three. This package: sprocket, guide bar, two or three chains – should be changed simultaneously. Use of new and used elements together significantly reduces the lifetime of these elements.

Use oil for your engine type. Use a good quality gasoline.

A few more tips

When buying saw immediately purchase a devices for sharpening (files and jig or special combined sharpener) and needle bearing grease. Work in leather gloves.

Good gloves

Despite a number of structural solutions, there is still significant vibration when operating the saw. Spend one gasoline tank working without gloves and you will probably have no consequences. But if you burn 5 – 10 tanks of gasoline while working without gloves, the joints of the hands quickly make themselves felt. Take care of health, especially noticing that gloves cost $3.5-6 per pair. We also recommend you to buy a pair of acoustic earmuffs.


Take care of your chainsaw

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