McCulloch CSE204OS vs STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ vs Craftsman 16 in. which one is the best?

More and more homeowners prefer to use electric tools and logically arises the question what model is the best one. Actually, there are rather powerful electric tools that can fulfill tasks of average complexity. In this article you will see comparison of McCulloch CSE204OS vs STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ vs Craftsman 16 in. electric chainsaws. All manufacturers are renowned among users and proved that their production is really worth buying. Read this comparison of electric chainsaws and make your own conclusion.

Technical charactrestics of three models

McCulloch CSE204OS vs STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ vs Craftsman 16 in.

Technical characteristics of electric chainsaws

Model McCulloch CSE204OS STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP
Power, kW 2 1.9 2.6
Voltage 231 120 110
Bar length, inch 14-16 12-16 16
Chain pitch, inch 3/8 3/8 3/8
Weight, kg 3.7 4.2 5.4

Motor is the most crucial part of every single electric instrument, so let’s start with it. Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP features the most powerful 2.6 kW engine, not every non-professional gasoline chainsaw can boast with more powerful one. McCulloch CSE204OS has 2 kW engine and STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ features 1.9 kW motor. The next important characteristic is voltage, and the biggest index can be observed in McCulloch CSE204OS chainsaw with 230 V, than stands STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ with 120 V and Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP is on the third place with 110 V.

The next important characteristic is the length of bars, the longer is the possible bar the more variety of tasks can be performed. From the first sight there is no winner in this completion, cause maximum bar length of all three models is equal to 16 inches. Nevertheless, we have the winner in this round and it’s STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ electric chainsaw, cause the range of available bars is the best one, users can work with bars from 12 to 16 inches. Other two instruments can’t offer such a wide range, McCulloch CSE204OS can be used with bars from 14 to 16 inches and Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP with 16 inches bar, of course it’s possible to use it with 14 inches bar, but it’s better to follow instructions.

In comparison of electric chainsaws attention should be also focused on the weight of models. The heaviest tool is Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP with the weight equal to 5,4 kg. There is nothing shocking in this fact, this tool features the most powerful 2,6 kW engine. Then goes STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ with 4.2 kg and the lightest instrument is McCulloch CSE204OS with 3.7 kg. Despite the weight, the best power to weight ratio can be observed in McCulloch model, cause it’s light-weighted and features rather powerful 2 kW engine. This model is also the most compact one, that’s why it’s the best variant for indoor use. STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ is also a very good variant for indoor use, cause the range of available bars is really a great one.

Distinctive features of three models

Interesting systems in three models

Technologies in three models

In this comparison of electric chainsaws special attention should be paid to interesting and useful features of all three models. These things make the working process easier and prolong life of instruments. STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ and McCulloch CSE204OS can boast with number of different technologies. All these things starting from side-mounted chain adjustment and automatic chain lubrication are huge pluses of these tools. STIHL model also features thing for quick and easy start and McCulloch model offers things like a window to control the level of oil. STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ chainsaw is the most highly technological tool from all three ones. Unfortunately, Craftsman model is the outsider in this small competition.

Reliability is the important thing even for homeowners, customers want to buy one tool and use it as long as possible. STIHL products have always been famous for the highest quality and durability and STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ isn’t an exception to this simple rule. Other two instruments are also very reliable tools that can serve for many years. Remember that it’s vital to follow some simple rules and tips about electric chainsaws. In this case your tool will serve much longer, so everything is user’s hands. Especially novice operators should carefully read attached manual as well as some articles about electric chainsaws, in order to avoid common mistakes and breaks.

Conclusion about McCulloch CSE204OS vs STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ vs Craftsman 16 in. contest

What electric chainsaw is the best

Universal tool out of three chainsaws

All in all these three models are good choices for homeowners all over the world. It’s hard to define the winner in this comparison of electric chainsaws. In fact, if you have a big household with many trees and bushes Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP will suit you almost perfectly. This powerful and heavy (of course in comparison with other tools of this type) electric chainsaw will win competition with some non-professional gasoline tools. It’s not light and compact, that’s why it’s very inconvenient to use it indoors. For indoor use the best variant is McCulloch CSE204OS, cause it’s the most convenient variant from all mentioned above. STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ is the most universal electric chainsaw. It can be both used indoors and outdoors, due to the variety of bars. The majority of users think that these instruments can be used only for trimming. Actually, these three models can perform a wide range of work for electric tools.

Electric chainsaws are still underestimated by many users, but it’s very hard to find more suitable tools for occasional use at home. They are not noisy and dirty, and all in all very eco-friendly tools. No exhaust can be observed and they also save money, cause need no fuel, only oil for chain lubrication. These instruments become more and more popular and ordinary homeowners should pay some attention to them. Even this comparison of electric chainsaws shows how universal these tools can be.

McCulloch, STIHL and Craftsman electric chainsaws

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