Comparison of light-weighted gasoline chainsaws

There are lot different gasoline chainsaws that perfectly suits for occasional work. Various producers created many models for these purposes. Stihl, Husqvarna and Partner are among the most renown and reliable producers of gasoline chainsaws. Novice loggers and different ordinary people like models of these companies. The most popular devices among these groups of people are STIHL MS-180, Husqvarna 137 and Partner 351.


Producer STIHL MS-180 Husqvarna 137 Partner 351
Power, kW 1.5 1.6 1.3
Engine capacity, cc 31.8 36 34
Bar length, inch 16 15 13.7
Chain pitch, inch 3/8 3/8 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.25 0.37 0.4
Weight, kg 3.9 4.6 4.7

Features of STIHL MS-180 gasoline chainsaw

Pros and cons of STIHL MS-180 gasoline chainsaw

All these models have different advantages and disadvantages, so in this article you will find all of them, as well as the comparison of these three devices. STIHL MS-180 is one of the most famous products of this producer, thousands of people have already highly estimated this particular tool. It is very smart and light gasoline chainsaw, so users won’t face any problems with maneuvering. Manufacturer also created STIHL Easy2Start System in order to simplify the process of starting. Another innovation is called Quick Chain Adjuster and helps to adjust the chain without any special tools, this process is extremely quick and easy.

One more distinctive feature of this gasoline chainsaw is called IntellCarb Compensating Carburetor, it was created to adjust air and fuel ratio, when the air filter is restricted. The last feature is a huge plus, cause in the majority of products simple carburetors are used. This model is one of the most compact, light and convenient among all light-weighted gasoline chainsaws, as well as two other products.

Features of Husqvarna 137 gasoline chainsaw

Full description of Husqvarna 137 features

Husqvarna 137 is the smallest product of this renown company, this device will perfectly suit to all novice and not professional loggers. Even professionals can use this model in the function of the back up chainsaw. Of course, it’s better not to use it during heavy and tough work. Like STIHL MS-180, Husqvarna 137 is very light and easy to use during the process of work. User can perform work holding this gasoline chainsaw only in one hand. This model is an extremely reliable one, so buyers won’t replace different parts of it during very long time, especially if they don’t use it for really tough work.

Even novices won’t have any problems if they want to clean or replace some details of this device. Unfortunately, Husqvarna 137 has one really big problem, which is called oil leaks. Manufacturer guarantees reliable work of this tool for five years, and, indeed, this is a very good term. The user can even double it, if he replace all crucial details on time and perform all the work accurately. Both farmers and houseowners will highly appreciate this popular and secure chainsaw.

Features of  Partner 351 gasoline chainsaw

Partner 351: Important facts

Partner company is a part of the renown and famous Husqvarna Outdoor Products. This daughter company inherited all crucial components of Husqvarna. Products of Partner company are among the best not only for novice but also for professional loggers. Novices will especially appreciate practically all models of this manufacturer. Partner 351 is rather small and light gasoline chainsaw, but at the same time it can boast with low RPM, totally safety chain and bar.

Despite that this device is rather old, many people still buy this chainsaw. Partner company guarantees five years of stable exploitation. In case of appropriate usage it can serve for much longer term. The biggest minus of this model is its low power, so loggers can’t even try to perform complicated tasks with the help of it. Nevertheless, this is almost the best variant for trimming trees and cutting some branches together with the roots of trees.

Land and houseowners all over the world have already bought Partner 351 and left a lot of positive reviews. Use this tool for easy work and it will definitely serve you for many long years. Usage of this gasoline chainsaw brings not only convience but also a lot of pleasure.

The most crucial differences of three devices

Comparison of Stihl, Husqvarna and Partner gasoline chainsaws

And now let’s get down to the important and main differences of three models with very light weight and small power. Partner 351 lacks power most of all, cause has only 1.3 kW, than goes STIHL MS-180 with 1.5 kW and Husqvarna 137 with 1.6 kW. Partner chainsaw is the heaviest one with the weight of 4.7 kg, it is followed by Husqvarna with 4,6 kg and the lightest one is STIHL with 3,6 kg. All chainsaws have average bar lengths from 13 to 15 inches. At the same time the capacity of fuel and oil tanks differs greatly from one model to another one. Partner is the heaviest device partially due to huge tanks for such a small model, the capacity of fuel tank is 0.4 liters and of oil tank 0.2 liters. These numbers for the remaining two models are: Husqvarna — 0.37 and 0.19 liters, STIHL — 0.25 and 0.15 liters. It is up to every single customer to decide whether big oil tank is a plus or minus.

Only STIHL MS-180 has single-lever control which allows to achieve easier working process. Both Husqvarna 137 and Partner 351 have double-lever controls, but this isn’t such a great disadvantage. First device also has better starter handle, cause it’s rather wide and convenient, the rest ones have smaller handles. It’s easier to reach all crucial parts of STIHL MS-180, rather than to screw out all four screws in Husqvarna and Partner. For those buyers who value their own time this factor can become very important.

Novice users won’t face any problems while cleaning or replacing air filter of Partner and STIHL models, due to the fact that everything is very simple. STIHL MS-180 will also pleasantly surprise all buyers with its Anti Vibration system, rather crucial fact for professional loggers. The level of vibration in other devices is also very low, but it’s much more pleasant to perform work with the help of STIHL product. It’s pleasant and will help to protect arms of potential buyers from unpleasant and disturbing vibrations. Actually, it’s up to the customer which brand to support with his money. Nevertheless, to go through some information about these gasoline chainsaws will be very useful. Reviews by professional loggers together with several videos of testing these products will definitely help to make the right choice. Prices of all three models are really very attractive, in fact, they cost practically the same sum of money. In this case the question of convenience and robustness goes on the forefront.

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Husqvarna 137 vs STIHL MS-180 vs Partner 351

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