Comparsion Stihl chain saws: MS 271, MS 291 and MS 390

Chain saws are heavy and posses a lot of power. They are created for such important cases as cutting tree branches, lumber and also tree trunks.

Let’s have a look at three different chain saws by Stihl, which are great helpers for farmers and gardeners, and compare their characteristics.

Cutting tree branches

Stihl chain saw MS 271, proudly called Wood Boss, is great for farmers, gardeners and  landscape designers. It is really durable, runs on petrol and it’s power is 2,6 kW.

The saw’s engine is economical and spends 20% less of fuel.

This chain possesses the brand’s great long-life air filter system, which uses  pre-separation and anti-vibration technologies. The saw has 325 chain with 18 inch bar. Its dry weight is 5,6 kg. This chain saw MS 271 is made especially for those who need power.

Stihl chain saw MS 291 is also called a Yard Boss. This model is very powerful, 2,8 kW, and reliable. As the previous model, it is able to spend 20 % less of  fuel and has an air filter system. It is very easy in use and in service. This model is really great for cutting firewood. The engine is friendly towards environment.

MS 390 model is middle-sized. It has a decompression valve, which helps to have an easier start. Different features are put together in a way that your process becomes faster.

This chain saw has a displacement 64.1 cc and more powerful than two others, 3,2kW. Anyway, it is not much heavier, its weight is 5.9 kg

Let’s have a look at some characteristics of these chain saws in comparison.

ModelDisplacement, cm 3Power output, kW/bhpWeight, kg
MS 27150,22,8/3,55,2
MS 29156,53,0/4,15,9
MS 39064,13,4/4,65,9

Looking at this table you can decide what chain saw matches your needs better. It depends, if you need more or less power in your works.

Anyway, all these Stihl models are effective and easy to use. They all have intelligent engine management, QuickStop brake system and high standards of all the components. Practical instruments you can rely on will help you to do all the necessary jobs.

How to choose a chain saw (comparsion chainsaw STIHL MS271, MS291, MS390)

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