Craftsman 18 in. 42 cc gas chainsaw review

Craftsman 18 in. 42 cc gas chainsaw review
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The Craftsman 42cc gas chainsaw is a powerful medium-sized tool that can be used for almost all woodcutting jobs, both around the house for entry-level users, as well as for some larger jobs for professionals. The two-cycle gas engine improves the power of the Craftsman chainsaws as compared to the previous electric models that the manufacturer produced, and it will take some time to adjust to this.


Performant and durable tool

The first thing you will notice and like about the Craftsman 42cc chainsaw is its high performance and endurance. You can use it to cut trees, no matter what their strength may be, for all day long, without experiencing any major issues. It cuts through pine and oak with ease.

Easy to use

Due to its somewhat light design – not as light as its predecessor Craftsman chainsaws – you can use this 42cc model to climb and cut branches without problems. You will notice that it’s one of the fastest cutting saws; it starts easy and offers high maneuverability. You may get the job done a lot faster than you initially thought you would.


Being inexpensive has its costs

The fact that this saw is not expensive really shows when you start using it for a longer period of time. The bar will vibrate a lot due to the fact that it is too thin. And if you use it for about one year, the chain will fail often; even right after you tighten it, so it may need replacing. You may wish to double check that you have set it up correctly before using it if you want to avoid these issues.

Relatively poor components

The gas cap is hard to get off and you will usually have to use pliers to loosen it, which becomes frustrating over time. You will also have some difficulties getting the Craftsman 42cc started, especially for the first time, but it should eventually work well. Major problems starting it may be caused by the gas line, which may get slightly crimped.

Specifications & Dimensions

Dimensions and Capacity:
Fuel Capacity (gal.): 0.089
Color and Styling:
Color/Finish: Red
Length (in.): 18
Product Overview:
Bar-Tip Guard: No
Bucking Spikes: No
Chain Saw Length: 18 in.
Guide Bar Type: Low Kickback, sprocket nose
Power Type: Gasoline
Reduced Kickback: Bar and Chain
Translucent Oil Tank: No
Included with Item:
Case Included: Yes
Extra Chain Included: No
Gloves Included: No
Includes Hearing Protection: No
Includes Safety Glasses or Face Shield: No
Extra Bar Included: No
Anti Vibration Handle: Yes
Handle Material: Plastic
Wraparound Handle: Yes
Blade Material: Steel
Engine Cycles: 2-cycle
Engine Displacement (cc): 42
Max Engine Speed (RPM): 0
Chain Brake: Yes
Chain Gauge: 0.080
Chain Oil Capacity: 0
Chain Oiling: Automatic
Chain Pitch: 0.325
Chain Type: Oregon low kickback
Tool Free Chain Adjustment: No
CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant
Meets ANSI Standards: Yes

Craftsman 18 in. 42 cc gas chainsaw Review. Read before buying

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