Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP electric chainsaw review

Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP electric chainsaw review
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This lightweight Craftsman electric chainsaw is specifically designed for all of the small jobs that you can do around the house. It features some clever safe technology that should allow amateur users to easily cut with it through wood, without any dangers.


Ideal for all small jobs

This chainsaw is ideal for dealing with 12” diameter logs, and can be used by anyone, even those who have no previous experience in woodcutting. Greater performance is to be expected against pine trees than oak, but you should have decent results with both overall. The Craftsman 3.5 HP can handle all light cuts that the average homeowner will run into.

Easy to use

As you expect for a chainsaw this size, the Craftsman 3.5 is very easy to use and, due to its safety features, you will feel little to no kickback using it. It even features a safety brake, just in case anything unforeseen happens.


Some minor performance issues

One of the most common minor issues you will experience with the Craftsman 3.5 is the chain falling over often. Any contamination that gets inside seems to derail the unit, so there is not much you can do about it, except using it as safe as possible. If you cut through branches that are at least 1-inch in thickness, the chain may also stop while the motor is still going.

Design issues

There are no tools adjustments for the chain tension, which, combined with the fact that the chain often falls off, could create some serious uncomfortable problems. Aside from the chain also failing to start every time the motor runs, you may also notice that the Craftsman 3.5 uses quite a lot of oil for an electric chainsaw.

Good tool to have around the house!

If you can manage your way around the often faulty chain, the Craftsman 3.5 is a good tool to have around the house. It can help with every light job you need taken care of, and you’ll find it very easy to maneuvre overall.

Specifications & Dimensions

Dimensions and Capacity:
Length (in.): 36 in.
Product Overview:
Chain Saw Length: 16 in.
File Diameter: 5/32 in.
Guide Bar Type: Sprocket nose
Item Weight (lbs.): 12.0 lbs.
Number of Drive Links: 56
Power Type: 110V Electric
Included with Item:
Case Included: No
Extra Chain Included: Yes
Extra Bar Included: No
Anti Vibration Handle: No
Installation Requirements:
Assembly Required: Fully Assembled
Cord Length (Feet): 100
Amps: 12
Usage Requirements:
Power Cord Gauge, 100 ft.: 14 gauge
Warranties & Coverage:
General Warranty: 2 year limited
Chain Brake: Yes
Chain Oiling: Automatic
Chain Type: Low-kickback
Tool Free Chain Adjustment: Yes
Meets ANSI Standards: Yes

Craftsman 16 in. 3.5 HP electric chainsaw review. Read before buying

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