Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18” — good choice for professionals

Professional loggers are always looking for a good gasoline chainsaw. Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18” is a very interesting variant for every experienced arborist. Powerful tools suitable for different hard tasks that can provide good performance even in tough conditions are always in demand. This particular Craftsman model will interest many potential customers. Reasonable price together with an adequate reliability rate attracts attention of many potential users.

Particular information about Craftsman Pro 40.9cc 18"

Technical characteristics of Craftsman Pro 40.9cc 18″ gasoline chainsaw


Power, kW 3
Engine capacity, cc 40.99
Bar length, inch 18
Chain pitch, inch 0.325
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.2

This gasoline chainsaw offers very good power to weight ratio. This is a crucial factor for every professional. Instrument also has a powerful engine with displacement equal to 40.9cc. Tree trunks of all possible diameters won’t become a problem, it’s hard to find better chainsaw for tree felling. Maximum engine speed of this model is equal to 9.000 rpm. Loggers can handle this instrument with bars up to 18 inches. It’s enough for performing the majority of tasks. If tasks you deal with include really huge trees, it’s better to use a more powerful gasoline chainsaw (for example Echo CS-590), instead of Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18”. You can still work with this tool, but it will take more time and some crucial details will get extensive load on them.

Almost perfect performance is reached due to stratified engine and chrome plated cylinder. These things prolong the life of whole Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18” gasoline chainsaw and provide it with a very high level of performance. Loggers will like the process of starting, cause it’s extremely quick and easy one. Sim-Pul starting system makes start of the engine a smooth one.

Distinctive features and main reasons to buy

Main reasons to buy Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18”

Best sides of Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18”

Bar length of 18 inches will help to fulfill different kinds of work. Automatic oiling of the chain will help all users not to think about lubrication. Users should only add special oil in time, in order not to spoil this part of instrument. Chains of these instruments have more cutting teeth than saws by other manufacturers. In some models there is no possibility to check the level of fuel without opening a fuel tank. This problems doesn’t concern Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18” gasoline chainsaw, cause fuel level is a visible one. Chain tensioning is a very easy process, due to side-mounted screws. Bucking spike provides a pivot point for leverage and control.

This tool isn’t recommended for novice users and people with lack of experience. Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18” gasoline chainsaw can be very dangerous in inexperienced hands. Professional loggers can buy this instrument as one of the main or back up chainsaws. Good performance together with reasonable price is the main reason to buy it. Remember that engines of these models are long-living ones, but try to avoid common breaks that occur due to incorrect handling. Big farms and households are also perfect places to use this tool. Owners should be also rather experienced in handling with this powerful instrument.

Craftsman Pro 40.99cc 18” gasoline chainsaw (video review)

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