ECHO CS-350TES Chainsaw

Echo CS-350TES Chainsaw – lightweight chainsaw with a reliable and powerful engine which does not need excessive efforts to run thanks to the unique quick start system «Easy Start» from the Echo Company. Chainsaw can be used with one hand and effectively utilized for work at height. This compact chainsaw will easily perform complex tasks associated with working in limited space, and is ideal for caring for garden.


Technical Features


Power, kW 1,5
Engine capacity, cc 38,5
Guide bar length, inch 12
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Weight, kg 3,4

Additional features

  1. Engine starter system «Easy Start»
  2. Oil pump connected with the clutch mechanism that reduces oil consumption
  3. Easy access to the filter without need to use any tool
  4. Electronic ignition system to start the engine in all weather conditions
  5. Inertia chain brake for added safety
  6. Adjustable automatic chain lubrication system to meet the operating conditions
  7. Switch to control the tool with one hand
  8. The center of mass is located high, providing superior balance and precise sawing


ECHO CS-350TES Chainsaw Description

Chainsaw Echo CS-350TES is one of the favorite tools of the professional workers among the chainsaws with top handles. This chainsaw combines high capacity and performance with incomparable balance and maneuverability, while taking into account that this model belongs to the class of professional tools, you can buy for a pretty reasonable price. Echo Company is one of the leaders in the development and production of chainsaws with top handles. And the Echo CS-350TES chainsaw sets the world standard for instruments of this type. Chainsaw Echo CS-350TES is equipped with a powerful two-stroke engine with a displacement of 35.8 cc which is easy to start due to the electronic ignition system which is designed by Echo. Experts of the company Echo create every chainsaw under the highest quality standards, and the result of this work is the maximum reliability, high performance and ease of use, and all throughout the long life of the tool.

Echo CS-350TES chainsaw has a high efficiency, reliability and good balance, which is essential for professionals to care for the trees that have to climb the tree and run a chainsaw with one hand. Chainsaw is easy to start, runs smoothly and with minimal noise and vibration, and thanks to its light weight, this chainsaw is comfortable to use. Chainsaw Echo CS-350TES is equipped with a simplified start «Easy Start». This system significantly reduces the effort on the starter rope, needed to start the engine, and reduces the risk of kickback. Oil pump attached to the clutch mechanism prevents oil leakage and reduces its consumption, and automatic chain lubrication system, adjusted by the operator, allows you to select the required amount of lubricant depending on the operating conditions.

Technical and additional features of the echo cs-350tes chainsaw

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