Full review of light-weighted Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw

Non-professional chainsaws are in a great demand among novice users. Cordless instruments with long-living batteries are very popular among houseowners. Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw is a very good variant of the tool of such kind. Users will definitely like this convenient light-weighted model. It perfectly suits for different types of work around yards, cause always there are trees to trim or fell down.

Specifications of Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw

Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw technical characteristics


Power, Volt 19.2
Bar length, inch 10
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Charging time, hour 1

Power source of Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw is eco-friendly and rather powerful for non-professional tools. This instrument is cordless one, so users should charge battery in time. It takes something about 1 hour to fully charge this lithium-ion battery. 19.2 Volt battery powered engine is very clean, not noisy at all and brings comfort together with pleasure during work. This cordless instrument is a perfect one for easy tasks of all possible kinds.

Bar of Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw isn’t a long one, it’s only 10 inches in length. It’s enough for good and deep cutting. It’s very hard to find more convenient tool for trimming bushes or felling trees with trunks of small diameter. This instrument is light-weighted, so there won’t be any problems with handling. It’s very simple to reach something wooden to cut, cause the chainsaw is a very compact one. Easy and pleasant handling is among the biggest pluses of this model.

Pluses and minuses of this cordless chainsaw

Shor-living battery of Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw

Battery charger

Chain is lubricated due to push-button oiler, add this oil in time. Bar and chain will serve for a longer period of time. Take your chain always sharpened, there is also a good sharpening guide. Users can control the level of this oil due to built-in window. Mold handle is one more pleasant thing that adds more comfort.

Nevertheless, users can face some difficulties with this instrument. When the battery is dead you should stop working and charge it. There is a solution to this problem, you can buy a back up battery. It takes 1 hour to fully charge one battery and this is very incontinent. This tool is rather powerful among other cordless instruments. Practically all gasoline chainsaws have more powerful engines in comparison with this model. Those users who are looking for a reliable tool and don’t need to perform hard tasks should take this particular model into consideration. Environment-lovers will also highly evaluate Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw, cause it’s a clean one. Gasoline chainsaws produces a lot of dirt and noise during work. And this particular variant is an acceptable one for a calm and cozy neighborhood.

Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw (video review)

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