Gasoline chainsaw vs. electric chainsaw — what variant is the best?

Many homeowners doubt what chainsaw is the best variant for occasional use: electric or gasoline. There is no definite answer on this question. The problem is that it’s really not easy to find tools with good balance. The majority of non-professional instruments with gasoline power source are heavier, larger and more powerful than those ones with electric power source. Electric tools are easier to handle, to maintain and clean. So let’s try to find out a winner in the standoff — gasoline chainsaw vs. electric chainsaw.

Crucial differences between electric and gasoline chainsaws

Description of gasoline and electric chainsaws

Comparison of gasoline and electric chainsaws

A lot of professional operators will tell you that these instruments are totally different and it’s impossible to compare them. To tell you the truth, there are some examples that these tools can be compared and be rather the same. For example, read the article where two instruments by STIHL are compared. In this example one chainsaw is cordless one, not electric. Actually, they have much more things in common than differences.

First of all, electric variants of these instruments have higher chainsaw speed. Due to this fact some models can cut wood even faster than gasoline ones. Weight of the instrument is a crucial thing, electric models are lighter and more compact. This means that your arms won’t get tired for longer period of time. At the same time, when user wants chainsaw to cut the wood faster he should push it down and in this particular case heavier model will suit better. The thing is that due to the heavier weight it will push down due to the gravity.

Inconspicuous but still crucial details

Small details of chainsaws

Crucial features of chainsaws

Next characteristics deal with levels of noise, dirt and vibration. In gasoline chainsaw vs. electric chainsaw standoff the winner according to these features is the electric variant. Electric instrument has one more important plus, operators can use it indoors. There is no need to spend money on gasoline, the only necessary liquid is oil. Non-stop working is impossible with electric chainsaw, the engine should be cooled down. Gasoline chainsaw is more durable thing in comparison with electric one. It’s possible to take it to the place without electricity. Homeowners tend to work around their yards, that’s why it’s not a great advantage.

It’s easier to clean and maintain electric tool, cause the number of details and other things is smaller. Construction of these instruments is also simpler. Electric chainsaw is also much safer than gasoline one. Engines are not 2-cycle ones and kickback isn’t very strong. The tool itself is smaller and more compact. There is no possibilities of explosions and fire outbreak and in this case electric instrument is also safer.


Actually, there is no universal advice what tool is better for homeowners all over the world. Of course, it’s better to buy an electric tool in case you live in suburban or even urban area. In case your home and yard are located somewhere deep in the country it’s better to have a gasoline chainsaw in your garage. There is one crucial and common fact, carefully read manual and follow all rules about felling trees. In the situation with gasoline chainsaw vs. electric chainsaw it’s better to put together all you requirements to the future purchase and carefully choose your chainsaw.

Gasoline chainsaw vs. electric chainsaw (video review)

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