General tips for working with a chainsaw

Chainsaws are indispensable tools for gardeners, cottagers and homeowners. Although modern chainsaws are very comfortable and reliable, yet, if improperly used, they can be a serious threat. They should be used with extreme alertness to avoid accidents and serious injuries. Therefore, you should always remember that work with a chainsaw requires special caution.

Be sure to read the instruction for your saw. You should only start to work if you have a full understanding of the principles of proper chainsaw handling. All the basic principles of safety related works with gasoline saw are also applicable to electric saws.
This article presents you the basic techniques of work and safety rules when using a saw. In this article we will discuss how to cut trees with a chainsaw, perform branches cutting and crosscutting of trunks.
Use personal protective equipment working with a saw!

Protective equipment (detailed)

Working with a chainsaw, always wear tight-fitting clothing. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. They may get into the moving saw chain.
When working with a chainsaw use the following safety equipment:

  • durable and thick gloves;
  • protective footwear with non-slip outsole;
  • eye protection such as protective glasses or a net to cover the face;
  • protective helmets;
  • acoustic earmuffs;
  • dust masks (when working in areas of intense dust emission).

Fase protector

Combined face protector

Work only with a well-sharpened chain

In any case, do not work with a dull chain. Need to use force when working with a saw is a sure sign that the chain is blunt. Too fine sawdust points on the same problem. Acutely sharpened chain gives large chips, and saw goes through the wood by itself.

Regularly check the chain tension

Tighten the chain by turning the chain tension adjuster. Tighten it to eliminate its sagging at the bottom of the bar; check the tension by pulling the chain. The chain is correctly tensioned when the guide links of a chain pulled from the top of the bar manually do not come out of the bar groove, still the chain is easily moved by hand. To avoid contact between the hands and the chain, use protective gloves to scroll the chain.
Regularly check the chain tension, make it no less frequently than at each chain oil tank refilling. If the chain is new, it must be checked more frequently. A correctly tensioned chain promotes safe operation and long life.

Learn the basics of work with the saw.

Only carefully instructed adults should work with a chainsaw. The new user must read the instruction manual and in addition have a detailed practical instruction. If you have no experience with a saw, practice sawing logs on the saw-horse.



Hold the saw firmly with both hands! Always hold the saw handle with all the fingers of the grip. Right arm on the rear handle, and the left is on the front.
Anyone, regardless of whether they are right-handed or not, should hold the saw this way; it reduces the risk of kickback and helps to maintain control over it.

  • Cut only one log at a time.
  • Be extremely careful when inserting the saw into already made saw cut.
  • Do not try to cut with the tip of the bar (diving sawing).
  • Avoid rolling logs and other things that may hit the bar.
  • Use the special guide rails that reduce the impact of kickback, as well as reducing kickback chains suitable for your saw.
  • Stand slightly to the left from the saw so your body is not in line with the running chain.
  • Do not lean too low. You may lose your balance and control of the saw.

Most accidents associated with kickback occur while cutting branches and twigs. Make sure that you have taken a stable position and that there are no objects nearby that might hinder you or destabilize. Kickback zone may come into contact with the branch, close standing tree or other objects, and it can lead to an accident!

Kickback zone

Never use a chainsaw to cut above shoulder level, and do not cut with the tip of the bar. When working with a chainsaw never stand behind the saw, always hold the saw side, closer to you, it will keep your arms and back not strained during prolonged work.

Once all the principles of working with a saw are mastered, you can start to fell trees.

Basic Chainsaw Safety (Video)

How to handle a chainsaw

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