Heavy and powerful Echo CS-800P gasoline chainsaw

The number of tools for professional loggers grows rapidly. Market is full with different proposals from numerous manufacturers. Competition for potential buyers is really a tough one, even renown brands do their best to draw the attention of arborists. If you’re looking for really heavy and powerful gasoline chainsaw for professional use somewhere deep in the woods don’t skip Echo CS-800P. This professional instrument really worth your attention, cause it can deal with very tough tasks without problems.

Review of Echo CS-800P gasoline chainsaw

Technical characteristics of Echo CS-800P


Engine capacity, cc 80.7
Bar length, inch 24-36
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.8
Weight, kg 8

First of all Echo CS-800P gasoline chainsaw is rather new model, that’s why it can surprise even sophisticated operators. Let’s start with the engine, it’s displacement is equal to 80.7 cc or to 4.92 cu in. This 2-stroke motor provides almost perfect performance, even during very hard tasks. It’s needless to admit that this instrument is a very powerful one. Echo CS-800P features dry weight equal to 7.5 kg, add 0.5 liters of oil and gasoline and you’ll get the tool with 8 kg weight. Yes, it’s rather heavy and will suit to strong users, that will see all possibilities of this chainsaw. Even in this particular case very good power to weight ratio can be observed. It’s a common thing when tools with powerful engines have the weight more than 7 kg. That is why tools like Echo CS-800P gasoline chainsaw aren’t recommended to novice users. Possibility of breakdowns and injures grows and it’s better to buy some non-professional instrument like STIHL MS 241 C-M.

One more important factor for all professional instruments for cutting is available length of bars. Echo CS-800P gasoline chainsaw can boast with one of the widest ranges of available bars. It can be used with standard 24, 27, 32 and 36 bars. This fact means one simple thing, the tool can be used practically for all possible hard tasks that professional arborists deal with. Moreover, this model is a universal one, cause its size can transform according to the planned type of work. Even trees with really huge trunks are not problems to it, of course in case of experienced operator. Type of these bars is PowerMatch and they are considered to be really reliable ones. Fuel tank capacity is equal to 0.8 liters, so loggers shouldn’t worry about the amount of the fuel left in the tank for very long period of time. On more pleasant thing is the capacity of oil tank that is equal to 0.4 liters and this is also a very good oil tank. Chain will be always lubricated and operators won’t sharpen chain too often.

Distinctive features

Modern systems and technologies of Echo CS-800P

Unique things of Echo CS-800P

Professional tools usually have many interesting and helpful things and Echo CS-800P gasoline chainsaw isn’t an exception to this simple rule. Simple but pleasant things like aluminum handle with over-mold rubber make the working process really comfortable. Toolless air filter cover enables easy access to this part of chainsaw, that’s why it’s very easy clean and change it. This particular chainsaw can offer more serious and highly technological things, like Performance Cutting System. This system has improved bar and aggressive chain for better and easier cutting process. Of course this tool features systems for quick and smooth starting of the engine, as well as automatic chain lubrication. In the last years producers reduce exhaust and try to create even powerful models with rather low level of noise and vibration. All these things also concern Echo model.

Conclusion and reasons to buy Echo CS-800P

Reasons to buy Echo CS-800P

Conclusion about Echo CS-800P

In conclusion it’s worth saying that Echo CS-800P gasoline chainsaw is really a very good choice for professional users. It can become the main chainsaw for many loggers. Those people who are looking for powerful and reliable tool, that will show it’s best performance even in tough conditions should definitely try this model. One more thing, it’s highly recommended to have enough strength to deal with this tool, otherwise users will get more problems rather than pluses from this tool. Don’t forget that professional instruments are the most dangerous ones, so take all possible measures of precautions and work carefully. This model is really worth all the money that it costs, like best professional chainsaws. At the same time many loggers all over the world have already tried this model and left a lot of positive reviews. The only minus is heavy weight, but it’s impossible to perform really hard tasks with light and not powerful instrument.

Echo CS-800P gasoline chainsaw

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