Hitachi (14?) 32cc gasoline chainsaw with Prosumer Top Handle

Homeowners all over the world need reliable gasoline chainsaws both for regular and occasional use. Hitachi (14?) 32cc Prosumer Top Handle gasoline chainsaw is very good and universal variant for homeowners both with big and small households. This instrument has average characteristics and can be called a rather balanced gasoline chainsaw. Professional loggers won’t interest in this tool, but ordinary users should pay some attention to this model.

Specifications of Hitachi (14?) 32cc

Technical characteristics of Hitachi (14?) 32cc


Power, kW1.2
Engine capacity, cc32
Bar length, inch14
Chain pitch, inch3/8
Fuel tank capacity, liter0.29
Weight, kg5.4

This reliable and durable instrument will serve for many years. Hitachi (14?) 32cc gasoline chainsaw has rather good engine capacity equal to 32 cc. It’s enough for trimming bushes and for cutting branches or even small trees. Actually, it’s very hard to find more complicated tasks at ordinary household. Power output of this tool is equal to 1.2 kW, it’s enough practically to every homeowner. This tool has convenient top handle and weight equal to 5.4 kg. Hitachi (14?) 32cc is rather heavy tool, taking in consideration not very powerful engine and compact size. So power to weight ration can be much better, but us still an adequate one. Those who are looking for a well-balanced gasoline chainsaw should pay attention to Partner P340S.

Operators can work with 14 inches bars. The given length is a universal one, especially for different homeowners. Hitachi (14?) 32cc gasoline chainsaw features 0.29 liters fuel tank and this number is a typical one. Producer gives 7-year warranty to ordinary users and 2-year commercial warranty. One of the great advantages of this chainsaw is it’s durability, this tool is very reliable. Many loggers have already estimated it. It’s really hard to find negative reviews, but of course this instrument has disadvantages, like power to weight ratio that could be much better. Some users say about problems connected with starting of the engine. Operators should make more attempts to start it as usually and of course to some people this is a critical thing.

Distinctive and special features of chainsaw

Reasons to buy Hitachi chainsaw

Distinctive and special features of chainsaw

The price of Hitachi (14?) 32cc gasoline chainsaw is rather democratic, that’s why it’s enough popular among customers. Some people don’t want to spend lot money for chainsaw, others have restricted budget or need this exact tool, cause it satisfy all their demands. Even this simple gasoline chainsaw has some useful technologies and systems. Let’s start with PureFire system that reduces emission. This tool also has Anti-vibration system that adds more comfort during working process. Oregon bar and chain were created against kickbacks and provides users with good performance. Side access chain-tensioner is a common thing but nevertheless a worthy one. Two bar mounting studs helps the chain to cut all wooden things with maximum efficiency. One more pleasant thing from the producer is bar and chain protective cover.


In conclusion it’s worth saying that Hitachi (14?) 32cc gasoline chainsaw is a good choice for an ordinary homeowner. Potential buyer has different things to do around the household but have no necessity in powerful and heavy gasoline chainsaw. Yes this model has several disadvantages. Nevertheless, remember good price and the fact that it is very reliable tool. Actually it’s rather easy to find something like this product on the market, but it’s better to buy a durable instrument with a good warranty term. Everybody knows that in case of right exploitation this term can be prolonged for several years. It’s up to you to make the final decision but it’s obvious that you should pay some attention to this model.

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