Homeowners like Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw

Some chainsaw users are still suspicious about products made in China. The truth is that this is a stupid stereotype. Of course Craftsman can’t struggle with STIHL of Husqvarna. Nevertheless, it’s fully satisfies needs of ordinary users, who need a reliable instrument for occasional use. Welcome Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw that will become a real helper. Market of battery-powered models isn’t a great one, so this chainsaw can become a good choice for houseowners.

Specifications of Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw

Technical characteristics of Craftsman 40V chainsaw


Engine power, Amps2.0
Battery power, Voltage40
Bar length, inch12
Chain pitch, inch3/8
Oil tank capacity, ml5
Weight, kg 4.7

We should mention that this model is rather fresh. Not so many people used or tried it, so you can be among these pioneers. As it was said before this tool features 40V Lithium Ion battery. So, chainsaw can perform tasks for 2 hours. After this you need to wait 5 hours till the battery is fully charged. Experienced owners of battery powered instruments know that it’s better to buy an additional battery. Of course, if waiting for 5 hours isn’t a problem, you can have one battery. Motor-engine of Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw is characterized by 2 Amps. It’s enough for trimming bushed and cutting branches of trees. You even can try to cut trunks of small diameters. Tough tasks brings enormous load on this tool, so the battery will “die” fast. From the other hand problems with the engine can occur. Operators should use it only for easy tasks, for harder one it’s better to have a gasoline model.

The weight of this chainsaw (with battery) is equal to 4.7 kg. Taking into consideration voltage of 40V we can say about adequate power to weight ratio. To some people weight may seem heavy, but don’t forget about 40V Lithium Ion battery. Half of all battery powered models feature 19.2 V Lithium battery, that’s why they are not so powerful and have lesser weight.

Distinctive features of Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw

Distinctive features of Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw

Special characteristics of Craftsman 40V chainsaw

Users have no choice and will be work with 12 inches bar. Actually, there is no need to have a longer bar. With this one the tool has a perfect balance. Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw opens additional opportunities, cause allows to work inside the house. It creates practically no loud sound, you won’t see exhaust and dirt. These tools have practically no vibration, till you try to cut something really big. Low kickback Oregon bar and chain add more safety during working process. Skeptics should calm down after this information, cause this chainsaw is created using materials of the highest quality.

Craftsman 40 V cordless chainsaw has very pleasant price, but also can boast with several interesting things. Automatic chain lubrication is a definite plus, cause many models require to lubricate the chain manually. Chain oil capacity is equal to 5 ml, so don’t forget to add oil in time. It was said that both bar and chain prevent kickbacks. Tool-lees chain tensioning simplifies the process of chain adjusting. Indicator shows the percentage of battery left, the same thing is when it’s charged. Lithium Ion battery holds charge for up to 18 months, so don’t be afraid putting your chainsaw in storage or garage during winter. Full wrap around the handle also adds additional comfort during cutting.

Conclusion about Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw

Conclusion about Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw

Summary about Craftsman 40V chainsaw

All things in this world have advantages and disadvantages. The majority of customers complain about productivity. Everything is good till you try to cut something just a little bit tough and big. The speed falls down and the battery becomes dead soon. Nevertheless, even producer states that Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw was created for easy tasks and occasional use. In case you’re not planning to overload the tool it will become a suitable variant. This is also a good variant as the first chainsaw. Even women can work with it, cause it’s light and simple.

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