How to avoid chainsaw kickback?

Chainsaw kickback is a very important thing. Both professional and novice users are not protected from this coward thing. That’s why it’s very important to do everything to prevent it. This article will be useful especially for novices. Kickbacks can lead to problems with your instrument and health, it can cause heavy injures.

Pieces of advice

Chainsaw kickback is a very common thing during working process. It usually occurs when chainsaw is handled not properly or carefully. This coward thing occurs if you hit the kickback zone on your bar. After this the chain grips the timber in this area. Then chainsaw goes back to you, more particularly to your face. The power of inertia can make bad injures. This direction occurs because of the rotating chain. The kickback zone is the upper half of the tip. Don’t use this area for cutting something, cause the possibility of kickback is very high. Pay attention to this zone every time you use chainsaw. Producers make everything to prevent users from kickback. Nevertheless, users should also follow several simple rules to avoid kickback during work. You should be ready to follow these rules and perform tasks as carefully as possible.

Chainsaw kickback zone

The most dangerous bar area

First of all, keep your hands on the instrument. Grip rear and front handles solidly, cause it’s the basic rule. Operator should control all motions of the instrument. Always use proper stances and approved cutting techniques. There is plenty of information about these things, so study and use them. The nose of your guide bar shouldn’t be put against the wood. Make a proper plan of cutting in your mind and try to perform it with your chainsaw without starting it. Always use sharpened chain, cause dull one leads to the greater possibility of kickback. Tighten your chain properly before using it, don’t forget to do this regularly. Using of protection gear is a must, but you of course know about this tip. And the last thing is your fear of kickback. You should be always cold-blooded while starting the work.

Protection from producers

Bar tip with protection

Bar tip guard

The best thing you can do is to use Oregon chains in order to minimize the risks. All producers approve these chains, cause they are anti kickback ones. Inertia activated brakes are also were created to protect you. Manual brakes have the same purpose. Some producers use bar tip guards in order to make the working process as safe as possible. Always check your chain and bar for wear, cause these things can also lead to dangerous things.

Video guide: How to avoid avoid kickback?

Every single chainsaw is the source of increased danger. These instruments remain one of the most dangerous ones. Proper handling won’t lead to dangerous things during working process. The majority of injures happen because of users, who are not attentive enough or don’t follow the above-mentioned rules. Take these tips into consideration and you’ll save your health.

Chainsaw kickback: how to avoid, prevention etc

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