How to choose a cordless chainsaw

Professional loggers think that a question “how to choose a cordless chainsaw” is a simple one. In fact this is only partially true and everything is a little bit more complicated than it may seem from the first sight. Battery powered tools are becoming more and more popular among users of different kind. Of course, the most interested category is homeowners, who need a reliable tool for some occasional work. Even choice of this tool can become a terrible headache, especially if you’re a novice operator. This article will help you to make a right choice.

Tips before choosing a chainsaw

Consider these facts before owning a cordless chainsaw

Crucial things before buying a cordless chainsaw

All potential buyers should remember that these instruments were created for easy tasks around the households. They will suit for trimming bushes and cutting some branches of an average diameter. Nevertheless, never use these chainsaws for really complicated tasks, cause they were not created for them. Tough work will definitely damage you tool, you will face typical and in some cases critical breakdowns and finally you will need to buy a brand new battery powered chainsaw. People tend to trust popular and renowned brands, this is one more popular mistake. Answering on the question “how to choose a cordless chainsaw” it’s better to know exactly what you want from your future model and read some articles before making a final choice.

Before buying a cordless chainsaw think about how often you’re going to use it. In case, you need it several time a year, it’s better not to buy it and pay some money to professionals that will do everything better and quicker. If your household has a lot of different tasks of various complexity and some of them are really challenging ones, it’s better to find a good non-professional gasoline chainsaw, like Husqvarna 135. For successful use of battery powered tool, you should work with it rather often and don’t perform hard tasks.

Distinctive features of cordless chainsaws

Important details of cordless chainsaw


Motor and chain are the most crucial details of battery powered chainsaw. Power of the chainsaw can be seen through voltage, usually this index starts from 18 and goes up to 40 Volts. The more is the voltage of the tool, the more powerful it will be. Typically bar length ranges from 8 to 14 inches, this is the smallest index among all possible types of chainsaws. Customers should also pay attention to power to weight ratio, these tools are usually very light one. At the same time don’t forget that the longer is your bar, the more powerful should be the motor. Tools with higher Voltage usually feature heavier weight (STIHL MSA 200 C-BQ is a good example), cause battery is among the heaviest parts of all tool.

Automatic chain oiler is not a very important thing, but it can also become a huge plus. It’s not very convenient to lubricate your chain manually. Always there is a possibility that you forget about it and it will lead to some breakdowns. Battery life is one of the core factors in choosing a future tool. Best models can work up to 50 minutes, but this is the best index in case with these instruments. Lithium-Ion batteries are the best variants that will provide you with stable work and rather long periods of work between charging. This type of batteries charges only for 1 or 2 hours and this is a huge advantage. Just compare, that other types need up to 12 hours to be fully charged. This situation has a simple way out, just buy one more back up battery. In this case you will always have some additional time to finish planned tasks.

Conclusion and some useful pieces of advice

Conclusion about cordless chainsaw

Useful info about cordless chainsaw

People think that these not very powerful tools are not dangerous at all, this is not true. Remember that cordless tool is still a chainsaw, and these instruments remain the most dangerous ones among all tools in your garage. So don’t forget to buy and wear some protective gear, it’s advisable to do so, just to protect yourself. At least buy special gloves, boots, trousers and helmet. These simple things have already saved hundreds of lives.

Be careful and attentive while buying a cordless chainsaw. Nowadays this market is really a great one. New models by famous and not very famous brands appear everyday. Read all possible information about those models that interested you, for example here, and only after this make your final decision. These tools will never replace gasoline chainsaws deep in the woods. At the same time they are good competitors with electric instruments for indoor use.

Finally, it’s hard to find better instruments for different gardening tasks around your household. Even women can use battery powered chainsaws, cause they are light and compact ones. These instruments are also very simple, even novices will quickly understand the working principle. Examination of your model is also advisable, these tools are simple in cleaning and servicing, that’s why it won’t take much time. Some models can boast with different systems and technologies. Pay attention to this and other factors answering the question “how to choose a cordless chainsaw”.

Guide on how to choose a cordless chainsaw

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