How to choose an electric chainsaw?

Different homeowners from all possible corners of the world use electric chainsaw more and more often. At the same time many people want to switch from non-professional gasoline instruments to electric tools. This type of customers has one simple question “how to choose an electric chainsaw”. This article will give the answer to this interesting and important question. In this article we will focus on corded electric chainsaws and will give some useful tips about them.

Most crucial things about electric chainsaws

Details of electric chainsaws

Crucial things about electric chainsaws

First of all let’s focus on the greatest advantage of these tools, you need no oil and gasoline mixture. This simple and pleasant fact means that you won’t face dirt, exhaust and typical engine breaks. Instead of this you’ll get a tool with rather low level of vibration and noise. Moreover, eco-lovers will definitely admire this tool, cause it’s very hard to imagine more eco-friendly chainsaw. Power source of it is electricity and operator will always need a cord. This is the greatest disadvantage, more particularly no possibility for maneuvers. Area of 100 feet is the maximum of this tool. It’s almost impossible to perform work in some wild areas, yard or household are perfect places for usage. Avoid using it at really big farms, in this case it’s better to buy a semi-professional gasoline model, like Partner P350S.

Motor is the most crucial part of every chainsaw, electric instruments are usually more powerful than cordless ones. Light and compact models are among the simplest instruments in the world. It’s really very easy to master them and trim bushes in a quiet neighborhood not disturbing you people nearby. There are more powerful and heavier electric chainsaws for more complicated and heavier tasks. Firewood cutting or mild logging are not problems for these tools. The third group was created for really tough work, professional landscapers like these tools. They are also popular among loggers who work regularly and perform some hard tasks.

Simple but still pleasant things

Electric chainsaws specifications

Small features of electric chainsaws

All in all these tools are simpler than common gasoline ones. There is no recoil ropes, the only thing you need to do to start is to press a special button. You find no spark plugs and air filters inside, the construction is also very simple. Due to this fact cleaning and maintenance take less time and ordinary homeowners will highly appreciate this fact. Some manufacturers use soft-start function in order to improve the process of starting in their models. One more useful feature is the automatic bar oiling, of course, some models offer manual bar oiling, so it’s better to choose the first variant. In case of manual lubrication don’t forget to check oil tank and press the button on time, for example while working with Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium chainsaw. These things will prolong bar and chain terms of exploitation. Current limiters are very important things that can save motor and user’s health. They cut off power to the motor in case it’s overloaded or the chainsaw is stuck.

Answering the question “how to choose an electric chainsaw?” it’s essential to focus on other important features of these tools. For example on toolless chain tensioners, that saves time. In some cases chain should be re-tightened rather often and toolless chains tensioners become irreplaceable things in these situations. Even light and compact chainsaws like electric ones can boast with kickback protection. There are several ways to protect operators, by using chain catchers, anti-kickback chains and chain breaks. The best variant is automatic chain break system and user’s accuracy. These models have very low level of vibration, but still some producers reduce vibration further by using anti-vibration systems. Instruments with all this stuff cost more money, nevertheless it’s better to buy them, cause they are really time-, energy- and money-savers, like STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ.

Useful and helpful info about electric chainsaws

Tips about electric chainsaws

Useful and helpful info about electric chainsaws

Extension cords are the things that you should have in your garage. Maximum length of this cord should be up to 100 feet. Everything longer than this will bring more problems than comfort and don’t forget to watch your legs. At the same time don’t forget to check the ground, cause even small things can make your cord unplugged. Before buying electric chainsaw think about things you’re going to deal with, after this decide what power to weight ratio should have your future instrument. Nowadays market is full with different good variants, so choose carefully. In case you have a small yard with several bushes and trees there is no need to buy a heavy and powerful model. It can become a real problem, especially for novice users. Of course, the best models cost good sums of money, but have all necessary things that make your work easy and pleasant one. Chainsaws produced using materials of the highest quality will also have high costs, but will serve for the longer period of time, so spend your money wisely.


These tools will never replace gasoline powered ones for professional loggers, but novice arborists together with ordinary homeowners will like them. Don’t forget that electric chainsaws are the best variants for indoor work, they’re light, compact and very quiet, so your family mates won’t be disturbed. Buy new models and avoid used ones. One more tip is to buy these instruments from authorized sellers. Following these simple rules will help you to buy a reliable tool that won’t break down on the second day of usage. Buying of safety gear is also recommended. Users need protection even taking into consideration these light and simple chainsaws, cause they still can injure you.

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