How To Cut a Tree With a Chainsaw

Cutting a tree with a chainsaw is a potentially dangerous undertaking, with risks coming from various sides. Before felling a tree, you must make sure that you’re wearing correct protective clothing. You will need a hard hat (or loggers helmet); thick, strong protective clothing that still allows your arms to move freely; ear muffs; safety goggles, and non-slip gloves.

It is important to plan your cut. Make sure your area is clear of any undergrowth or debris that you may get tangled in, and there are no passers-by or animals who could be endangered.

Trees are very tall, elongated plants, with various branches that extend for many feet to your left and right, meaning that when a tree falls, it will cover a very large area. A sure-fire way to measure the height of a tree, and therefore how far it will fall, is to use an old logger method. Using a stick the length of your arm, you will need to hold it in the air, pointing it up at the sky, with your arm extended straight out. Align the tip of the stick with the tip of the tree – you are now as far enough away from the tree to avoid injury.

Cutting a notch into a tree can be simple when you have learned the technique, and can take just a matter of minutes. When you cut a notch into a tree with your chainsaw, you have to make sure to cut it on the “falling” side of the tree, so you need to pinpoint exactly where the tree will fall. You can use the sights on your chainsaw to help guide you to where the directional notch should be.

Using your chainsaw, you will need to cut a notch into the tree at a 60 degree angle, sawing into the tree about a quarter (no more) of its diameter. Sawing further into the depth of the tree risks making your hinge weak, thus leading to a compromised and uncontrolled fall.

On the opposite side of the trunk, saw a horizontal cut at just a few inches higher than the notch, but make sure not to actually reach the notch when sawing into the depth of the tree. Now you will have created a hinge, from which the tree can fall without losing control.

Use a wedge to commence the fall. Move away from the tree slowly, always watching it attentively. Walk a safe distance to avoid being hit by the stem of the tree when it dislodges itself from the trunk.

How To Cut a Tree With a Chainsaw

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