How to mix fuel for Husqvarana chainsaw?

All owners of Husqvarna gasoline chainsaws, especially novices have the same question. It sounds “How to mix fuel for Husqvarna chainsaw properly?”. This article will be helpful for new users that wonder how to mix oil. Experienced users know these things well. Nevertheless, it will be helpful even for operators with experience to read this information.

Steps for refueling

Refueling gasoline chainsaw

Fuel for Husqvarna chainsaw

In the first place, you should buy all necessary things and make some preparations. Your chainsaw should be shut off and cooled. You’ll need one 77 ml. bottle of Husqvarna 2-stroke oil and 89 octane leaded gasoline. Prepare clean fuel container and cloth for wiping. Do this procedure only at well-ventilated area. So, there is nothing complicated in this process. First of all, in your container for fuel add half of unleaded gasoline. Then add your 77 ml. of oil, the proportion should be 77 ml. of oil/3.7 liters of gas. Shake container for 10-15 seconds and then fill your container with gasoline to the end. Shake it one more time for 10-15 seconds. The last step is to fill the fuel tank of your gasoline chainsaw up to 80%. Move at least 10 feet away from the area where you were mixing oil and fuel. Start your tool and work.

Important info

Mixing of fuel for Husqvarna chainsaw

Process of preparing fuel

 There are several tips that will save your health and instrument. Never refuel your gasoline chainsaw till it’s hot. Always take in mind the required proportion, cause there is a possibility of bad work if you don’t follow it. The proportion of oil and gas to all Husqvarna products is equal to 50:1. Octane number is one more important thing. Always use 89 octane gasoline, of course if you don’t want to face problems with the engine. Don’t use oil for water cooled engines in case with Husqvarna instruments. Starting of engine isn’t recommended if fuel is on you, on chainsaw or on the ground nearby. Never smoke while refueling your tool. It’s better not to mix oil and gas in the fuel tank of the tool, it’s dangerous. After the first 10 hours of refueling don’t use chainsaw at very high speed.

Video guide: Fuel for Husqvarna chainsaw

All these simple things will prevent problems with chainsaw as well as with your health. Fuel for Husqvarna chainsaw should be always of the highest quality. Use only liquids approved by the producer. Keep an eye on your chainsaw and it will serve for longer periods of time. Never be reluctant to read user’s manual, important information can be found there.

Fuel for Husqvarna chainsaw

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