How to pick cordless chainsaw

Consumers using electric chainsaws get far more flexibility if they choose to purchase a cordless model. With no cord to limit the distance from a power supply and no cord to tangle or potentially cut by accident they are the choice of chainsaw for many consumers. Even so, there are still limitations to using these devices. Battery driven chainsaws will have lower motor ratings than their corded equivalents meaning that they are often only suitable for trimming thick shrubbery and tree trunks and branches that are less than 12 inches thick.

The motors on cordless chainsaws create less noise than coded models. This makes them far more suitable for use where early morning or late evening cutting is required in residential areas. They are also effective at cutting wood indoors or in a garage environment.

The batteries used can also limit the amount of time a cordless chainsaw can be used for. Most models will work effectively for between 20 minutes and one hour but this will depend upon the number of pieces of wood to be cut and the diameter of each piece. Current advances in battery mean that many manufacturers are moving away from older nickel-cadmium (NiCad) battery technology to newer Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Li-Ion batteries offer a number of advantages over NiCad. Firstly, they do not lose power as the battery charge fades and they often charge more quickly than the 12 hours often associated with NiCad batteries. In addition, once charged, Li-Ion batteries will also retain their charge between uses for longer periods than NiCad batteries so they make far more effective power sources for this type of chainsaw.

From a cost perspective, the flexibility offered by this type of chainsaw comes with a price premium. Cordless chainsaws tend to be more expensive than both corded and gas models.

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