How to pick electric corded chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are the type of device that are most used in a home environment. They are driven by high powered electric motors that gain their power from a power cord that plugs into a domestic supply. Most are supplied with a 100 foot cord and this tends to be the limit on their use. Attaching a heavy-gauge extension to gain extra distance will not work. The extra cord will cause the motor to be underpowered due to the effect of electrical resistance.

This type of chainsaw can become tangled when working in heavily wooded or shrubbed areas which can present a safety hazard. Extra care is also required when using these devices to ensure you do not accidentally cut the live power cable.

Despite these drawbacks, this type of chainsaw is the number one choice for many consumers because they are light weight and easy to handle. Corded chainsaws are usually 1800W or 2000W power rated and come with a bar size that is usually between seven and 18 inches. The bar size will determine the size of logs that can be cut and the motor rating will determine the speed at which those logs can be cut.

Corded chainsaws tend to compare favorably with gas chainsaws when considering price. They are also cheaper than cordless electric chainsaws.

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How to pick electric corded chainsaw

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