How to pick gas chainsaw

Driven by a two cycle (or two stroke) gas engine, gas chainsaws tend to cut more smoothly and quickly than their electric counterparts. The faster speed of the chain requires less pressure to operate and can therefore deal with heavier workloads. The disadvantage is that they tend to be heavier and therefore more difficult to maneuver safely. Gas chainsaws are also very loud to use and are always accompanied by a high degree of vibration that makes them difficult to control safely, especially where they have larger bar size.

Gas Chainsaw Oils

Gas chainsaws require two types of oil, one more than their electric counterpart. As well as the oil required to lubricate the chain they must have oil added to the gas to lubricate the cylinders in the engine. This can prove to be a disadvantage if the chainsaw is not used regularly as the carburetor can become clogged with oil that is left behind as any remaining petrol evaporates. When this happens it will be very difficult to start the engine and it is likely to need a service to clean the carburetor.

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How to pick gas chainsaw

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