How To Start a Gas Chainsaw

Chainsaws can sometimes be frustrating, difficult machines to start. How easily a chainsaw starts can vary from season to season. In the summer, you may find there are no problems at all. But the winter brings with it various issues of its own, such as empty fuel lines, which makes gas harder to move.

The best way to give yourself an advantage from the start is to fill the saw up with fresh non-ethanol gas, particularly after it hasn’t been used for a while, or is a new machine. Using an old concoction of gas and oil can beset you with problems before you have even started. Gas with added ethanol can also be a particularly potent troublemaker. Too much ethanol can dislodge deposits in your chainsaw’s engine.

Before you begin, you will need to set the Master Control lever to Cold Start. You do this by pressing it all the way down. The Master Control operates the choke, the on-off switch, and the throttle lock.

The chainsaw must be laid on a flat surface. If the cutter is in contact with the ground, it could lead to blunting and damage to the saw, and you also risk putting yourself in danger. With your left hand on the bar, and your right on the starter rope, you should push your right foot into the handle, which will put the chainsaw into a fixed position, thereby stabilising it. A loose chainsaw will move erratically when you try to start it, thus making the operation more difficult.

Begin by pulling the starter rope slowly, before pulling it harder, and with greater frequency. The more you pull it, the more it builds up a resistance – as you go along you will need to use more force. You should pull the rope upwards, whilst keeping it as erect and poised as possible.

If the engine soon dies after a brief start, move the Master Control lever up to the next notch. This is the half throttle position, which opens the choke. The choke is a valve which creates choked flow in the gas and oil. Opening it can give your start greater efficiency. Be careful not to make too many attempts to start it with the choke on as it can causing flooding to the engine. Pull the starter rope again until the engine fires.

Once the engine is up-and-running, by touching the throttle trigger slightly with your finger, the Master Control lever will revert back to its normal, idle setting. You can then cautiously lift the chainsaw up before releasing the chain brake. A click sound will indicate that the chain has been released.

The chainsaw is now ready for use.

How To Start a Gas Chainsaw. Step by step guide

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