Husqvarna 137 16 in. 36 сс gas chainsaw review

Husqvarna 137 16 in
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The Husqvarna 137 chainsaw is the smallest product on the Husqvarna product series, designed mostly for home use rather than professional, daily woodcutting. That’s why this chainsaw is light and has a toyish aspect to it when compared to other chainsaws. That’s not to say that it doesn’t offer the power and quality of a regular chainsaw. Let’s have a look of the main strengths and weaknesses of this chainsaw.


Light and easy to use

The first thing you will notice about the Husqvarna 137 is the fact that it is very light and easy to use. You could even hold it with one hand while making your way through logs, although, of course, that’s not advisable. Of course, it will be much easier to maneuver this chainsaw due to its lightness.

But being light doesn’t mean that this chainsaw doesn’t have enough power to it. You will still get the same results with it as you would get with a regular, larger chainsaw. Being light in fact means that it is easier to use, and you will notice that you don’t feel that pressure on your arms after using it for about a half an hour.

Another thing that makes the Husqvarna 137 easy to use is its simplified starting mechanism. The official presentation of this chainsaw says that it has a “spring-assisted starter mechanism”, and the truth is that it doesn’t take more than several seconds to start it.

The Husqvarna 137 doesn’t need much maintainance over the years, especially if you don’t use it too much on a daily basis. The chain should be easily sharpened if need be, and the air filter won’t have to be cleaned as much as other chainsaws – it stays pretty neat and clean when and after it is used.


Components and lifespan

However, the Husqvarna 137 has a lot of plastic wrapping it, which makes it look unprofessional and unsteady. It’s true that plastic is not what you would usually associate with a powerful and long-lasting chainsaw, but this is what makes it lighter and cheaper than other similar products on the market.

What you will have problems with will be the oil leaks. Everything on this chainsaw seems to leak oil when you don’t use it, from the pump to the oil cap. You will probably have to replace some of the components, such as the muffler and chain oiler after a couple of years. Basically, if you let the chainsaw rest for a half an hour, you will find it filled with oil.

One thing that you will notice and probably won’t like about the Husqvarna 137 is that it doesn’t have a grabber bar. This will make things a little bit complicated, especially to users who are in fact used to holding a grabber bar.

Overall, this chainsaw should have a lifespan of at least five years, provided you don’t overuse it. And, with some of its components replaced over time and some maintainance done, you could double that period.

Would make for a good gift!

Even though the Husqvarna 137 is not quite the chainsaw you would look for if you are a professional woodcutter, it would make a good gift that you could give to a friend from the countryside – it’s handy for preparing woods to start a fire or taking care of small business around the farm. And it’s not expensive at all.

Weight – 10.1lbs
Engine Displacment – 36.3cc
Bar Lengths – 13-15″
Chain Width – 3/8
Engine HP – 2.0hp

Husqvarna 137 16 in. 36 сс gas chainsaw

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