Husqvarna 350 18 in. 52 cc gas chainsaw review

The Husqvarna 350 is a light, easy to maneuver chainsaw, with many replaceable components and good overall performance for what little it costs. It is not actually produced anymore, as it has been replaced with the 455 chainsaw series, but you may still find it on the shelf or on second-hand dealers.

It is definitely not the best product in these Husqvarna series, and you should expect much more maintenance needed and limited abilities when put to hard work. Don’t buy it unless you are fine with oil leaking all over it and other similar problems from time to time.


Adjustable components and easy to use

If you are familiar with the Husqvarna smaller chainsaws series, then you know you should expect it to be very user-friendly and highly adjustable for both cold and hot seasons. The 350 delivers that promise, although not quite as good as its predecessors did.

You can adjust the oil flow to each particular situation very easily, although it may take you some time to manage that and shouldn’t expect to get it right from the very beginning.

The Husqvarna 350 starts very fast, in a matter of seconds, and provides a good amount of power despite its light design. This light design will make it low on vibrations, again, as you would probably expect a Husqvarna to be. It can basically cut through any type of wood like a regular sized chainsaw, and it may make for a good investment since it costs much less than many of the other similar products out there.


Components start falling down

After several months or a year of use, you will start noticing that components fall down one by one. Much more maintenance is needed to keep this chainsaw working than its predecessor saws in the series.

You can expect anything out of this chainsaw, from the chain wearing out to the fuel tank not working, the oiler leaking all of the time, the muffler coming off each time you use it, and the chain oiler not doing its job.

This means that you will have to continuously keep repairing or changing components such as jug replacement, clutch replacement, bolts replacement for the muffler and whatnot. The good thing is that the Husqvarna representatives may help you replace some of those components for free.

If you let the Husqvarna 350 sit quietly for a while, you will find it floating in a pool of oil. The oil leaks are really the biggest problem with this chainsaw and the most expensive one.

Not worth it!

All in all, you should really look for other cheap alternatives to this chainsaw before purchasing it, even if you intend to use it only on light work around the household or such. You may have to pay more on repairs and maintenance than what it costs.

There are really many chainsaws on the market, even in the Husqvarna series, that offer better quality than this 350 model. It is no wonder that the 350 is no longer produced and instead replaced with the improved 455 version by the manufacturer.

Husqvarna 350 18 in. 52 cc gas chainsaw review. Best prices. Advantages and drawbacks.

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