Husqvarna 359 24 in. 59 cc gas chainsaw review

Husqvarna 359 24 in

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The Husqvarna 359 is one of the heavier saws in the Husqvarna series, offering more power at the cost of light weight. This means that the model may only be destined for professional use, and not home use, as were its predecessors.

It still remains a somewhat easy to use saw overall, especially if used for cutting oak trees with 36” diameter, but may become difficult to handle when used for more serious business. So if you are tempted to use it for trees with higher diameter than 24-36”, you should reconsider and look for a heavier saw. Otherwise, it’s a decent chainsaw and should get the job done without difficulty.


Good construction and ease of use

If you are familiar with the Husqvarna series, than you would expect this chainsaw to have a good power to weight ration, and you won’t be displeased with that, even though the 359 has a little bit more weight to it. You probably can’t find a product that delivers more power and has the same light design and ease of use in this price range.

If you use the Husqvarna 359 for cutting 36 inches diameter trees, you can use it all day long without it bogging down or quitting. And the low vibration will make the job easy and bring lots of comfort.


Not for the average homeowner

At the expense of adding more weight to this chainsaw than its predecessors, the 359 may have lost some of its target clients – the homeowners – who may choose to buy an even smaller model to fit their daily needs.

Hard to start

You will notice that it may take six to eight pulls to start this chainsaw and that it stops from time to time. This makes it harder for you to enjoy the easy maneuverability that it would usually have. It will get even harder to start the 359 if you use it in hot weather. You will get the hang of it eventually, but it will take time.

Repairs and maintenance

This Husqvarna model needs considerable more maintenance and repair work than its predecessors.  If you don’t set the carburetor right in the first place, so that it will be in the right throttle position, you will experience many problems with it and it may even choke or leak.

Components such as spark plug, the bar, the chain, and the muffler will be the first to fail you, so you have to be very cautious about them and repair them as soon as they show signs of failure. You’ll have problems with the chain pretty soon and may need to replace it often.

The plastic cover for the engine case will surely crack soon after starting to use this chainsaw for serious business. And, like its predecessors in the Husqvarna series, you may experience oil leaks frequently. It might also be a good idea to wear some protection when using it, it makes a lot of smoke.

A step closer to the professional needs

Overall, the Husqvarna 359 brings the Husqvarna series a step closer to what a professional woodcutter needs in term of chainsaws. Its robust design and low vibration makes it ideal for use up to eight hours a day. It’s a reliable and effective tool and has many adjustable features that will allow you to customize it to your needs.


Bar Length (minimum) 13 in
Bar Length (maximum) 20 in
Chain Brake
Vibration Reduction
Adjustable Oil Pump
Lateral/Side Tensioning
Case Included
Warranty 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Motor & Chain Specs

Motor Speed (idle) 2,700 RPM
Motor Speed (max) 9,000 RPM
Chain Pitch .325″ / 3/8″
Chain Gauge .058″
Chain Speed 70 fps
Chain Oil Capacity 12.8 fl oz

Husqvarna 359 59 cc gas chainsaw review. Best prices. Advantages and drawbacks.

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