Light and compact Echo CS-330T gasoline chainsaw

Echo CS-330T is a very good example of compact, light and powerful instrument. This gasoline chainsaw won’t let professionals unimpressed and this category of users will definitely like it. Comfort during working process was the top priority for manufacturer and this company managed to produce rather powerful and convenient gasoline chainsaw.

Specifications of Echo CS-330T

Technical characteristics of Echo CS-330T


Engine capacity, cc 32.6
Bar length, inch 12-16
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.3
Weight, kg 3.6

Echo CS-330T gasoline chainsaw shows very good performance due to the 2-cycle engine with the displacement equal to 32.6 cc. It’s enough to cut branches of all possible diameters as well as small trunks. The next important characteristic is the weight and it’s equal to 3.6 kg. In case with this tool we can observe rather good power to weight ratio. For cutting branches somewhere on the tree it’s better to have instrument, like this one or for example STIHL MS 180. Echo CS-330T is rather universal instrument and can be used for rather wide range of tasks.

Let’s move to the main advantage of Echo CS-330T gasoline chainsaw. The number of available bars is a surprising one for such a small and light instrument. Operators can work with 12, 14 and 16 inches bars. This fact means that this instrument is a very universal one and can be used for the great variety of different tasks around the households. Professional landscapers like this particular chainsaw, cause it allows to work even at hard to reach places with maximum comfort. In case people need to cut something more serious than branch or this branch has a wide diameter, they can use 16 inches bar. Good engine, rather light weight and variety of available bars ensure very good performance. It’s needless to say that only experienced loggers should use it. Even these people should take all possible measures of precaution, cause this is still a gasoline chainsaw.

Distinctive features and reasons to buy Echo CS-330T gasoline chainsaw

Technologies and systems of Echo CS-330T

Reasons to buy Echo CS-330T

Digital ignition system will simplify the working process as well as some other features and systems. Digital ignition system enables easy start as well as smooth acceleration. Air filter is protected with G-Force Engine Air Pre-CleanerTM, all big particles won’t even reach the engine and the air filter. This system prolongs life of these details and of the whole instrument. Air-filter cover is a very convenient things. It’s rear-mounted and tool-less one, easy access for cleaning and changing it is also a plus. Chain tensioner is situated side-on and it’s possible to adjust chain very quickly. Oiling system is also an automatic one that brings even more comfort but don’t forget to keep an eye on oil. Actually, the capacity of fuel tank is 0.3 liters and the capacity of oil tank is 0.28 liters. These numbers are adequate ones, especially for such a small gasoline chainsaw.

Echo CS-330T gasoline chainsaw was manufactured using materials of the highest quality, like best professional chainsaws. Sprocket cover is a plastic one, Double-Guard 91 bar type, plastic handle and standard anti-vibration reduction system are not so important but at the same time very pleasant things. Systems like anti-vibration one prolongs term of exploitation as well as bring additional comfort. Producer gives 5-year warranty to all customers who buy this particular model.


Echo CS-330T chainsaw for arborists

Summary about Echo CS-330T

This gasoline chainsaw is definitely worth buying especially for professional landscapers and farmers who have a lot of trees at their farm. Echo CS-330T gasoline chainsaw isn’t recommended to novice operators who don’t have necessary experience. It’s hard to find better gasoline chainsaw, that will feature powerful engine, light weight and compact size. Don’t use this instrument for hard tasks, cause it was created for regular work at households and farms. The price of this instrument is also a very good one, so logger should pay attention to this model.

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