Light and compact Oregon CS250-A6 cordless chainsaw

Battery powered chainsaws are rather popular among operators. Those people who need an instrument for occasional use prefer to buy these tools. Oregon CS250-A6 cordless chainsaw is also from this category of instruments. Compact, light and rather powerful chainsaw will suit to homeowners and landscapers. Cordless tools are the most universal ones and this model isn’t an exception to this rule.


Capacity of battery, V 40 
Batter Amp Hours4
Bar length, inch14
Bar length, inch3/8
Weight, kg4.2
Every good and reliable cordless chainsaw should have Lithium-Ion battery. Oregon CS250-A6 features 40 V MAX Lithium-Ion battery. It allows to cut 400 branches 2-3 inch in diameter. These batteries are the most long living ones and usually are recharged faster. Premium cell technology means constant no-fade power as well as the possibility to hold charge even during several month of storage. This tool has 4 Battery Amp Hours and the Voltage is 40. This particular model has enough power for trimming branches and bushes as well for cutting of firewood and clearing brush. It’s useless to perform tough tasks with it. The instrument will probably do them, but the battery will “die” too fast.

Oregon CS250-A6 cordless chainsaw weighs 4.2 kg. So, good power to weight ratio can be observed. Majority of cordless chainsaws are compact and well balanced. Oregon model isn’t an exception to this rule. The next characteristic is the length of bar and it’s equal to 14 inch. It’s rather universal size, not short and not long. Unfortunately, users have no choice and can work only with this bar. Nevertheless, it’s appropriate for work indoors and of course outdoors. Cordless tools produce no exhaust and dirt, so operators can use them without doubts doing something in the rooms. Environment friendly tool is a crucial factor for many users. Oregon CS250-A6 is safe for environment and has very low level of noise and vibration, in addition to all above mentioned facts.

Distinctive features of Oregon CS250-A6 cordless chainsaw

 Oregon CS250-A6 in work

Performance of Oregon CS250-A6

Now let’s proceed to interesting things inside this simple instrument. Oregon bars and chains are famous among all experienced loggers. Oregon CS250-A6 cordless chainsaw has PowerSharp chain sharpening system. After 3-5 seconds your chain will become a real razor. Just don’t forget to check your chain for wear, and replace it with a new one. Toolless side cover gives easy access to bar and chain. Quick maintenance is a definite plus of this model. Easy start is one more pleasant thing. Forget about problems with fuel or starting cord forever. All in all, if you’re a casual user there is no need to own big gasoline chainsaw. Cordless tools were definitely created for this category of users. Light weight and compact size allows to use this model everywhere you want or need. It’s very universal will perfectly suit to houseowners and in some cases for landscapers.

Video review of Oregon CS250-A6 cordless chainsaw

This cordless chainsaw has very pleasant price, it costs 50% less than popular brands with similar characteristics. Users usually face problems with chain break after several month of usage. Only dealers can repair this brake. This product also lacks reliability, cause many tools will serve for longer term. Nevertheless, it costs all money that you spent on it. Nothing special, but at the same time very simple and convenient. Low vibration, practically no noise and pollution are very good advantages. Forget about mixing oil and gas. It’s better to buy one more battery, cause you won’t wait till it’s charged. If one battery is empty, charge it and take full one in order not to stop the work. This tool lacks power, so don’t use it for hard tasks.

Oregon CS250-A6 cordless chainsaw

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