Light and powerful Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw with top handle

Chainsaws with top handles are in high demand at the market. Many operators need instruments for tasks on the ground or up in the sky. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw can become a perfect variant for these tasks. This is rather popular and universal model. Householders should definitely try this model. Even experienced loggers work with this chainsaw, cause they have to perform tasks up in the trees.

Specifications of Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw

Technical characteristics of Husqvarna T435


Power, kW1.5
Engine displacement, cc 35.2
Bar length, inch12-14
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank, liters 0.25
Weight, kg 3.4

As usually let’s start with the engine. So, Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw can boast with 1.5 kW. Of course, this number isn’t an impressive one, but this instrument is used for cutting different branches. The idling speed is equal to 2900 rpm. The next interesting feature is the engine displacement and it’s equal to 35.2 cc. The weight of this model is equal to 3.4 kg. Taking into consideration these above-mentioned facts it’s obvious that the power to weight ratio is a very good one. Husqvarna chainsaws have been always famous with this particular feature. Due to this fact so many loggers and users like its products. All possible types of branches and bushes won’t become a great problem for an experienced user.

Following crucial features of Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw include length of bars. Producer recommends using bars from 12 to 14 inches. It’s enough for this particular model, cause it’s useless to use longer bars. In this case they will become a disadvantage up in the sky rather than advantage and don’t forget about your comfort as well as health issues. Fuel tank of this instrument has volume equal to 0.25 liters. Capacity of oil tank is equal to 0.17 liters. This tool is rather compact, that’s why these numbers aren’t so great. It’s enough for the engine of Husqvarna T435 to work several hours without problems. Operators will definitely like the performance of this instrument.

Distinctive features of Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw

Distinctive features of Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw

Systems and technologies of Husqvarna T435

Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw is light, compact but still rather powerful for its size. In addition, this tool has many things to boast with. The only fact that famous Husqvarna produces it plays a crucial role for many users. Materials of the highest quality were used to create this particular model. Things like X-Torq are inside it, this system lowers consumption of fuel and reduces the amount of exhaust. LowVib system is also a pleasant thing for all users of these chainsaw, cause lowers the overall vibration. Inertia activated chain brake adds more safety during work, the chain will stop in case of kickback. Chain brake window allows better observation of the tip, that also adds more security.

This gasoline chainsaw has more small but still very interesting and useful things to offer. Adjustable oil pump gives the possibility to control the oil flow. Chain tensioning from the side allows to adjust chain everytime you want and the process takes several seconds. Unfortunately, operator should make with the help of the tool. Quick release air filter cover and Quick-release air filter are very useful and comfortable things. Even such simple and light chainsaw offers rather wide range of available systems and technologies in comparison with similar products on the market.

Conclusion about Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw

Conclusion about Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw

Summary about Husqvarna T435

If you were looking for a reliable chainsaw with top handle of the highest quality, Husqvarna T435 will definitely become your best choice. This light and compact instrument was created for all possible types of work up in the sky. In case of active usage don’t forget to buy all necessary gear for the work high from the ground. Protective gear will be also a must have. Husqvarna T435 isn’t recommended for novice users, but only in case they are planning to work with it high in the trees. Even novices can work with it on the ground, trimming bushes and pruning trees.

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