Light-weighted Husqvarna 240 gasoline chainsaw

Many houseowners and farmers are looking for a good non-professional gasoline chainsaw. Husqvarna 240 can become an irreplaceable tool to this group of customers. Light-weighted gasoline chainsaw from famous producer is also a perfect choice to those, who want to become a professional arborist in future or just want to start new and interesting hobby.

Husqvarna 240 review


Power, kW 1.49
Engine capacity, cc 38.2
Bar length, inch 16
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.25
Weight, kg 4.7

Like all light-weighted gasoline chainsaws this one has not very powerful 1,47 kW engine. Actually Husqvarna 240 “steel heart” helps to perfectly perform the whole range of set tasks. No tough and hard work can be done using this instrument, cause it’s not intended for this. Taking into consideration its engine with maximum power speed up to 9000 rpm and weight of 4.6 kg, the widest range of all possible tasks can be done easily. Users won’t experience problems with this tool during working process. They will have some useful experience and will be fully satisfied by the work of it.

Husqvarna Outdoor Products has a very good reputation among professional arborists, but still this renowned company can offer several models to farmers and novice loggers. Husqvarna 240 gasoline chainsaw will suit to both categories of people. Actually, it’s a definitely “must have” for novice users. It’s light, not very powerful, even starters will master this tool rather quickly, chainsaw is simple both in handling and servicing. Users don’t need some special experience or education to clean and replace main details of this instrument. Reasonable price together with reliability make this particular model a very good variant for many potential buyers.

Modern technologies in budget variant of gasoline chainsaw

Features of Husqvarna 240 gasoline chainsaw

Husqvarna Outdoor Products uses plenty of different modern technologies in its products, that’s why experienced loggers like tools manufactured by this company. Even in models for rather reasonable price are used several innovative systems. These things make users’ lives safer, easier and more interesting. X-Torq system reduces fuel consumption as well as the exhaust emission. Husqvarna 240 gasoline chainsaw is safe for the environment due to this technology. One more modern and important system used in this tool is called Air Injection. It prolongs working terms of engine and air filter, cause removes bigger dust and other debris. This system also frees users from often cleaning procedures.

Buyers will find other more simple technologies in Husqvarna 240 gasoline chainsaw. One of them is a Combined choke/stop control that also influences on quick starting and protects engine from flooding. Side-mounted chain tensioner gives better access to tensioning device. LowVib system significantly reduces vibration of the chainsaw, so users will feel more comfort and there arms will be in healthier condition. Air Purge is one more system in charge of easy start, it removes all air from carburetor and from fuel system. Inertia activated chain break can save your health and in some cases your life. Starter handle was created a little bit bigger than in chainsaws of other manufacturers, so there are no problems to start this chainsaw with hand in glove. Unfortunately, operators should use screwdriver to reach air filter and spark plug for cleaning or replacing them.

In conclusion, it’s worth saying that this tool can appear practically in every single garage. If you have several trees and bushes around your household Husqvarna 240 gasoline chainsaw is definitely what you need to take care of them. Novice loggers can also use it for felling trees of small diameter. Reliable model, long work without breaks and reasonable price are the main advantages of it.

Husqvarna 240 gasoline chainsaw (video review)

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