Makita dcs6401-50 Chainsaw

Makita DCS6401-50 is a small but powerful professional chainsaw. This tool has a remarkably low weight and high usability for amount of power this chainsaw provides. Makita DCS6401-50 Chainsaw has high cutting ability and is a high quality, durable and reliable tool that will suit any professional user.

Makita DCS6401-50 chainsaw Description

Professional workers, engaged in logging, require powerful, but at the same time, mobile tools that allow them to work far in the woods and do the job without any cables. This means that professionals have to rely solely on gas chainsaws, and Makita DCS6401-50 does not disappoint their expectations. Gas-powered tools for logging should be lightweight and powerful. They have to hold chainsaw in their hands most of the day, and thus it is necessary to not get overly tired, because it not only has a negative impact on the physical condition, but also entails greater risk, because if the worker is not longer holding a chainsaw hard in their hands hand, the probability of an accident at work increases. Makita DCS6401-50 chainsaw weighs just over 6 pounds, which is pretty light weight for such a powerful tool and allows the operator to work with less fatigue.

Makita DCS6401-50 has impressive capacity of 3.5 kW for its weight. Chainsaw weighs as much, and in some cases even less than many smaller chainsaws from lower price segment. By the way, tool has a first-class build quality. For the production of Makita DCS6401-50 saws new technologies were used, and the buyer pays for what they get. Chainsaw Makita DCS6401-50 can be called the best tool in its class without bias. Running chainsaw is not really noisy and is surprisingly for its size powerful and durable. Even after active and prolonged use chainsaw Makita DCS6401-50 will work like new one.

Makita DCS6401-50 specifications

Power, kW 3,5
Engine capacity, cc 64
Guide bar length, inch 20
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Weight, kg 6,3
Fuel tank volume, liters 0,75

Heated carburetor

When operating in low temperature or high humidity, engine efficiency can be significantly reduced due to the formation of ice in the carburetor diffuser. In fact, since the reduced air pressure in the diffuser can cause a lowering in the carburetor temperature, the ice in the carburetor can be formed even at temperatures above 32 °F (0 °C). To solve this problem and to avoid the formation of ice, for example, aircraft carburetors engines necessarily equipped with a heating system. Of course, the chainsaw engine stalling due to the formation of ice inside the carburetor is not as scary as turning off the engine of the plane for the same reason. However, you still run into trouble if you want to meet a deadline, and the chainsaw does not start. Chainsaw Makita DCS6401-50 will help you to avoid these problems, since its engine is equipped with a device for heating the carburetor. The heating is performed using the heated air from the engine cylinder which is directed to the carburetor. To activate the heating function simply remove the filter cover and change the position of the inlet valve on the cold weather mode. The company’s specialists Makita recommend using this feature when working with a chainsaw Makita DCS6401-50 at temperatures below 5 ° C (40 °F). Good news that filters cover is removed easily, without screws, by just pressing two latch buttons.Makita DCS6401-50

Built-in chain brake

Makita Company has significantly reduced the risk of injury associated with a kickback thanks to a special chain brake. In the case of kickback this mechanism instantly stops the rotation of the chain. As the experts of the Makita Company say, in case of sudden dash, the kickback brake activates and completely stops the movement of the chain “in a split second”. Chain can also be stopped manually, for the more safety during chainsaw start.
Since the cost of Makita DCS6401-50 is about three times the cost of an average chainsaw, it is worth considering, do you really need it? On the one hand, if you are a professional, then chainsaw Makita DCS6401-50 is just what you need. On the other hand, if you do not have a lot of work in remote locations felling trees, then most likely the cheaper chain saw (maybe, electric), will meet your needs better. But, again, if you are serious and responsible for the work you do, Makita DCS6401-50 worth the money. It is unlikely that a professional or amateur user gets disappointed with high performance, ease of use and the ability to operate a chainsaw for a long time without fatigue.

Makita dcs6401-50 Chainsaw

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