McCulloch CS410 chainsaw review

McCulloch CS410 chainsaw review
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McCulloch CS410 Elite is a chainsaw product from the McCulloch Motor Corporation. This corporation has a built and well known reputation for manufacturing powerful and reliable garden products. They have been in this industry for more than 60 years.

Although the chainsaw is not that heavy, it has a 41cc (40.9cc to be exact) machine and it is strong. It has a 45 cm / 18 inch bar and a chain of 0.325 inches. It also has a tool-less chain tensioning feature. This feature makes the chainsaw easier to use and maintain because it enables the user to remove or put the bar and chains of the machine even without the help of any tools.

Like other chainsaw that is manufactured by McCulloch, the CS410 Elite is fast and very easy to start because of the great features that comes with it.

The soft start feature deals with decreasing up to 40% of the resistance in the cord connected to the starter.Another feature that makes it fast and easy to start is the purge which is also known as the manual primer. The purge is a manual pump that makes sure that the chainsaw will start every time with only a few pulls.

To avoid problems in the engine like flooding, there was an integrated choke / stop control that was included in the chainsaw.

On the handle is the integrated combi tool which can be used for maintenance. It is placed on the handle so that it can be used whenever the user wishes it. Even though there is an integrated combi tool placed in the rear handle of the machine for maintenance, the machine still has an alternative maintenance feature which is the CCS air filter system.

The CCS air filter system is responsible for cleaning the machine so that damage can be prevented and replacements for the machine can be avoided.

Using the chainsaw gives a very comfortable experience because of its advance anti-vibration feature. It is also easy to view the remaining fuel because it has an oil window level. It has a protection mechanism because there is a double action safety chain brake.

This chain brake activates when it feels it is in the state of inertia. When the chain brake activates, the chain automatically stops.

The CS410 Elite is anenvironmentally friendly machine because of its OxyPower engine technology which does not only give additional power but also makes the machine consume less fuel by 20% and makes less emissions up to 70%.

But unlike other McCulloch chainsaws, this model offers more because its engine is not just OxyPower but a new OxyPower 2-stroke Petrol Engine. The chainsaw outputs a power of 1.6 kW / 2.1 hp.

Customers will really like the CS410 Elite because of its nice features that gives them a lot to look forward to. It is very user friendly, environmentally friendly, a lot of maintenance features, and also the very useful safety percussion feature. This chainsaw is best recommended or garden jobs but it can still be used in bigger jobs.

McCulloch CS410 chainsaw review

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