McCulloch CS450 Elite chainsaw review

McCulloch CS450 Elite chainsaw review
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The McCulloch Motor Corporation is an established and well known company for more than 60 years They manufacture powerful and reliable chainsaws for garden work. One of these chainsaws is the McCulloch CS450 Elite.

The Cs540 Elite has a 45 cc (45.7 cc to be exact) machine. It has a 45 cm / 18 inch bar with a 0.325 chain. The power output of the chainsaw is 2.0 kw / 2.7 hp with a maximum speed of 9000 RPM. It has a maximum recommended engine speed of 12000 RPM.

Just like other chainsaws form McCulloch Motor, the CS450 also has a OxyPower Engine. This type of engine is environmental friendly because it requires 20% less fuel and has 70% lower emissions.

Having that advantage, it also boosts the power of the chainsaw. It also has a soft start feature. This feature reduces the resistance by 40% in the cord, thus making it faster and easier to start. It also has a purge which is also known as the manual primer carburetor.

This manual pump ensures that everytime the machine is turned on, it will start immediately without doing too much pulls.

It also has a fuel window so that the remaining fuel in the machine would be easy to see. To reduce the risk of having an engine flooding, a combined choke / stop control were added to its feature.

There are 2 features that are concerning the maintenance of the machine. One of which is the integrated combi tool. This feature is very easy to access because it is located in handle so that the user can use it anytime. The second feature is the CCS air filter system. This cleans the machine. It is built-in so that maintenance of the machine is done regularly.

The most important feature of all that is seen in most McCulloch Motor chainsaws is the double action safety chain brake. This is for the protection of the users.

The CS450 might have many similarities with other McCulloch chainsaw, it still has noticeable differences that make this chainsaw the better one. For one thing, its OxyPower engine is the 2-stroke petrol engine which gives more that just the plain OxyPower engine.

Plus, it has a decompression valve that adds up to the performance of the manual primer carburetor. It also has a tool less chain tensioning which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the chains because there are no tools required to do so. Also included, is an easy access clip so that the filter and the spark plug can be very accessible.

The CS450 is also offering a very comfortable experience because it has an advance anti-vibration system.

It is great chainsaw because it offers different maintenance features that make its life longer. It also provides an easy and fast use for starting the work. It is also very convenient and efficient machine.

It is also good for the environment. This chainsaw is best recommended for garden jobs. It is also a good tool for harder jobs compared to the garden jobs.

McCulloch CS450 Elite chainsaw review

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