McCulloch MCC3516F 16 in. 3.5 HP electric chainsaw review

McCulloch MCC3516F 16 in. 3.5 HP electric chainsaw review
If you are looking for an electric chainsaw with excellent features that can perform light to medium weight cutting jobs then the McCulloch MCC3516F is the answer for your needs. This chainsaw is very flexible and easy to use. In terms of handling it is also very handy and light.

The chainsaw has the trigger start and stop switch mechanism which allows you to have an easy start-up and power-off. It is also very safe to use with its Safety Trigger Lock-out system which prevents any accidents with unexpected acceleration of the chainsaw motor. It also contains the low kickback chrome chain which reduces kickback which further promotes safety. The saw also has an automatic chain, bar, and sprocket oiler which allows continuous delivery and even flow of oil to its parts. It promotes lubrication of the parts to prevent any breakdown.


In terms of performance, the McCulloch MCC3516F can perform the cutting of logs very well. The chainsaw has it chain tensioner design which works efficiently. It has performed lots of cutting jobs within the day without any problems. It is capable of cutting logs with different diameters from 12 to 14 inches. Basically this piece of equipment is capable of handling light to medium size cutting jobs without any worries.

This chainsaw is electric, so it simply removes the hassle that gas engines have especially during start-ups. It can easily start with just pressing the trigger button. In terms of safety, it is assured that this equipment is very safe to use. With its chain brake system that stops immediately when the trigger button is released. It can also be done by pushing forward the chainsaw’s safety guard compartment.


The McCulloch MCC3516F has received some concerns and issues, particularly on its design. It has pointed out to the oil tank which is not clearly visible and difficult to locate because it is very small. Aside from that the chain guard gets easily obstructed due to accumulation of saw dusts that needs to be frequently observed and checked to avoid such problem.

McCulloch MCC3516F 16 in. 3.5 HP electric chainsaw review

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