Non-professional Husqvarna 135 gasoline chainsaw

Husqvarna Outdoor Products creates the widest range of various instruments, starting from different chainsaws and up to tractors. Many arborists from countries all over the world prefer to use products manufactured by this company. Not only professionals can find some tools, but also novice loggers can buy some light-weighted models, like Husqvarna 135 gasoline chainsaw.

Light-weghted chainsaw Husqvarna 135


Power, kW 1.4
Engine capacity, cc 40.9
Bar length, inch 14-16
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.37
Weight, kg 4.4

This model is a non-professional one and was produced for occasional use around households. It features 1.5 kW engine with maximum power speed equal to 9.000 rpm. It’s obvious that no hard tasks could be performed with this tool. At the same time farmers and houseowners will highly appreciate capabilities of this particular model. It’s very hard to imagine more interesting and suitable instrument for novice users.

Husqvarna 135 gasoline chainsaw is very compact and light-weighted (4.4 kg), that’s why loggers won’t experience difficulties with handling. Designers of this instrument thought it over very thoroughly and thousands of users have already experienced this convenient model. Levels of vibration and noise are also very good one. The level of vibration at the front is equal to 3.9 m/s2 and at the handle is 3.8 m/s2. Sound pressure level ranges from 102 to 112 db(A).

The usage of different technologies and systems in Husqvarna 135

Light-weghted non-professional Husqvarna 135

Husqvarna Outdoor Products is famous for implementing many modern and useful technologies in all products. Gasoline chainsaws and Husqvarna 135 in particular are not the exceptions to this rule. Non-professional and light-weighted gasoline chainsaws couldn’t boast with a great umber of technologies and systems, but still can offer some things to simplify the working process. It’s necessary to start with X-Torq system that reduces not only fuel consumption but also the quantity of exhaust, so this chainsaw is environmental friendly. Air injection system saves air filters from constant replacements and cleanings. Air filters in these models are quick released ones, so users will easily clean or replace them.

Rear handle was created ergonomic, due to this fact the model is even better in handling. Comfort is a very crucial thing to every single person, comfort during working with a chainsaw is even more important. Feeling marks also help every user to fulfill different tasks in a proper way. Husqvarna Outdoor Products used combined choke/stop control in this model, so the starting of it is very quick and the engine is additionally protected from flooding. Side-mounted chain tensioner together with snap-lock cylinder cover significantly simplifies servicing of Husqvarna 135 gasoline chainsaw.

This company does the best to make every single model a safe one, Husqvarna 135 is a budget variant, but still its user is protected from many things. Nevertheless, gasoline chainsaws remain one of the most dangerous tools, so inertia chain brake was created for successful and in time activation. Low Vib system is one more thing that saves health of all users, especially arms and joints. Careful handling and reading of manual will also help to escape different unpleasant situations.

It’s very hard to find more suitable instrument for trees and bushes trimming, cutting several branches and also for feeling down trees with trunks of small diameters. Novice users will buy a reliable Husqvarna 135 gasoline chainsaw for very reasonable price and will be happy with their choice. Non-professional gasoline chainsaw should be in every single garage, cause there are always some things to do around the households.

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