Non-professional light-weighted gasoline chainsaws by Husqvarna and Partner

Novice loggers in many countries thoroughly think over what gasoline chainsaw to buy as the first one. Actually, not so many producers can offer reliable models for reasonable prices. Husqvarna Outdoor Products is the manufacturer that offers the widest range of tools for occasional use. Husqvarna 135 and Partner P340S are very good variants to choose. These tools have a lot of things in common, but at the same time differ significantly in several aspects. In this article we offer the comparison of both instruments, in order to help potential customers in making the right choice.

Differences between two chainsaws


Model Husqvarna 135 Partner P340S
Power, kW 1.4 1.44
Engine capacity, cc 40.9 35
Bar length, inch 14-16 14-16
Chain pitch, inch 3/8 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.37 0.25
Weight, kg 4.4 4.5

It’s worth mentioning that Partner is a daughter-company of Husqvarna Outdoor Products. Due to this fact people shouldn’t worry about the quality of both tools. Husqvarna 135 and Partner P340S are created with materials of the highest quality, terms of exploitation are also equal ones. These instruments are reliable and can boast with very good performance. Both gasoline chainsaws are light-weighted and feature 1.4 kW and 1.44 kW engines, so users will highly appreciate them due to easy handling. Partner P340S (4.5 kg) is a little bit heavier than Husqvarna 135 (4.4kg), but this is a very small difference.

These tools were manufactured for occasional use around farms and households, don’t even try to fell down some trees with trunks of big diameter. Tough and hard tasks will break these gasoline chainsaws very quickly. They are perfect variants for trimming some trees or bushes and of course for felling down trees with trunks of small diameter. Husqvarna 135 and Partner P340S are very popular among farmers and houseowners all over the world. Loggers can work with Husqvarna 135 longer than with Partner P340S, cause fuel tank volume in the first case is equal to 0.37 liters and in the second one is equal to 0.25 liters. For some potential buyers it can become a very crucial factor.

More crucial differences of Husqvarna 135 and Partner P340S

Particular details of two chainsaws

Users can install 14-16 inches bars on both instruments and it’s worth saying that it’s easy to do. Easy servicing together with very high level of users’ security make Husqvarna 135 and Partner P340S very good variants for novice loggers. Both producers use many modern systems and technologies in order to make their products more convenient. This fact also considers all non-professional models. These gasoline chainsaws are equipped with systems for easy starting, that also save engines from breaks. Designers done a good job, cause all crucial parts are very easy to reach either for cleaning or for replacing. Actually, Husqvarna 135 is a little bit more convenient instrument but costs more, than Partner P340S.

All in all, handling and performance are almost the same. Maximum power speed of Partner model is better and equal to 13.500 rpm, while Husqvarna tool shows 9.000 rpm. At the same time, Husqvarna 135 is a little bit faster than Partner P340S, you can see this in the video below the article. There is no unique advice what model is the better one, if your budget is limited it’s better to buy a reliable and simple Partner model. In case the question of money isn’t the main one for you, it’s better to take Husqvarna 135, cause this gasoline chainsaw can boast with more technologies and systems.

Main reasons to buy this reliable gasoline chainsaws

Good variants of non-professional chainsaws

Users of both gasoline chainsaws won’t experience any serious problems during exploitation. Careful handling will not only prolong lives of tools, but will also save your money, nerves and even your health in some cases. Inexperienced users should definitely ask professional servicemen for help when something is wrong, those who have already worked with chainsaws can try to solve problems for themselves. For example, people can sharpen chains by themselves or bring to professionals. It’s very easy to change the majority of details without help, but many have no time and desire to do this. Cleaning of the instrument after every usage of also a very crucial thing, in case you don’t want to fix some serious breaks in the nearest future. Wise and careful handling is the best advice, cause gasoline chainsaws remain one of the most dangerous tools.

If you need a cheap and reliable tool for some easy tasks you can buy Husqvarna 135 or Partner P340S and you’ll be fully satisfied by your choice. Light weight, rather powerful engines, good design, usage of convenient systems and many other things make these tools perfect variants for starters, as well as for experienced farmers and houseowners. Both tool are environmental friendly and bot so dirty and noisy, that’ why you will get a lot of positive emotions and interesting experience while working with it.

Husqvarna 135 and Partner P340S (video review)

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