Partner 351 chainsaw review

Partner gasoline chainsaws are rather famous among professional and novice loggers. This company has created a great variety of different models with various specifications. Users can find devices for really tough work and for occasional use. In this article readers will find full description of Partner 351 gasoline chainsaw. 

Description and specifications of Partner 351


Power, kW 1.3
Engine capacity, cc 34
Bar length, inch 13,7
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.4
Weight, kg 4,7

Partner 351 description

Partner is a rather famous producer of different chainsaws, it’s a daughter company of a renown Husqvarna Ourdoor Products. Chainsaws by Partner are made in Arizona USA. Among models buyers can find good examples both for professional and regular use. Partner is famous for its simple and not very expensive gasoline chainsaws, that perfectly suits to ordinary land and house owners. Partner 351 is a very good example of the typical product of this company. First of all it has plastic body, that together with lightweight chain will make operation process convenient and easy.

Many other models are really heavy, but not this one, unfortunately, due to its lightness chainsaw lacks power, so practically no serious or tough work can be performed with it. Other distinctive features of this product are low RPM, safety chain and safety bar. This is almost a perfect variant if you want to trim some trees or cut some roots safely and with maximum pleasure. While working with the roots, the chainsaw can stun, so there are practically no problems to replace the cahin, the price is a very good one, 11 dollars only.

Partner 351 — the best choice for novice loggers

Partner 351 the best choice for novice loggers

Partner 351 is a rather old model, the first chainsaw was produced in 2000 and it’s still in production. It’s very easy in use, even novices will understand principles of its work from the first sight. Users will highly appreciate good possibility to clean all crucial parts of this model and replace details. Producer guarantees 5 years of exploitation, in case if loggers don’t use it in hard and tough conditions. This variant is one of the best to start with, and there are several reasons to think so. First of all goes a very reasonable price for a gasoline chainsaw of this kind, than goes its durability and surety. The third reason to buy this exact device is the easiness of exploitation, than goes cheap repair parts. What concerns the process of replacing the details, it’s easy and clear how to do this. Manual will help with all complicated moments. And the last but definitely not the least moment is the pleasure from using this tool.

Professional loggers can also buy Partner 351, if they need a reliable back-up for their main chainsaws. This group of buyers should take into the consideration one crucial fact, that this gasoline chainsaw perfectly suits for not complicated work, due to its power and size. For serious and tough operations is better to buy a good professional chainsaw. It will definitely help if your main devices are out of work. Partner 351 will pleasantly surprise you with its interesting design, users will have wonderful experience not only from work with it, but also from its look. Yellow and black colors together with simple and convince shape will bring many hours of fruitful work both to professional and novice loggers.

Partner 351 review: features, best choice for novices

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