Partner P340S one of the best models to start with

Professional loggers won’t face any problems with the choice of appropriate gasoline chainsaws. Producers offer plenty of models for experienced users, the most famous brands are usually oriented on arborists with average and high level of experience. Sometimes, it’s hardly to find a good tool with satisfactory power-to-weight ratio and for reasonable price. There is one instrument of this kind — Partner P340S that was created specially for novice users with some experience.

Partner P340S gasoline chainsaw specifications


Power, kW 1.44
Engine capacity, cc 35
Bar length, inch 14
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.25
Weight, kg 4.5

Features and description of Partner P340S

Partner P340S is a light-weighted gasoline chainsaw that suits for occasional and regular use. This tool was created for cutting branches, trimming bushes and felling some small trees. Model features small and not very powerful 1.44 kW engine that will help you to deal with different trees around your household. Yes, if you’re a famer or householder, this instrument was created definitely for you. Weight equal to 4.5 kg will also help to handle with this chainsaw and perform different tasks with maximum comfort.

This Partner model has standard 14 inches bar length, rather low level of vibration and engine speed equal to 13500 rpm. So, if you need to take care about a dozen of trees, Partner P340S will help you to do this extremely quickly, easy and with maximum pleasure from the process. Manufacturer tried to make this instrument safe, that’s why we can observe inertia-activated chain brake, together with chain catcher and safety switch. Nevertheless, gasoline chainsaws remain one of the most dangerous instruments that can be found in households.

Careful handling will save you from injures and will help to prolong the term of exploitation. Partner usually ensures buyers with 5-year term of exploitation but people can easily use chainsaw for some more years. In time maintenance together with cleaning and right storage will save your money. Producer also used several technologies to save model from breaks and make arborist’s life simpler. Centrifugal air cleaning system helps with easy start, removing air from carburetor and also with making the whole instrument more reliable. Anti-vib system allows to prolong working hours and brings more comfort to the user.

Main reasons to buy Partner P340S

Reasons to choose Partner P340S

Even novice buyers without experience prefer to buy qualitative things, and Partner P340S has a good value for money. This producer is a member of Husqvarna Outdoor Products, so the main company guarantees quality to all buyers. This particular gasoline chainsaw is created using materials of the highest quality and modern technologies. Partner does all these things even in non-professional instruments. Everything is made to create really easy and captivating working process, so a lot of users have already tried this and models of Partner chainsaws.

It’s very good to learn with Partner P340S gasoline chainsaw. It’s light, rather powerful for its size and convenient. People without necessary experience will master this instrument after several days of usage. Just choose trees and firewood of appropriate diameter, cause this model lacks power for even a little bit complicated tasks, use it only in suitable situations, if you don’t want to spend your money on new details or on buying a new tool. All in all this gasoline chainsaw will become a necessary thing in many households, cause there are always some trees to cut and bushes to trim. The tool is rather compact so it won’t take a lot of place, it’s recommended to use it with 14 inches bar. Nevertheless, you can install bigger or smaller bar on this gasoline chainsaw.

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