Partner P350S — reliable semi-professional gasoline chainsaw

Quantity of various chainsaws from renowned producers is really impressive; sometimes it’s rather hard to find a necessary device. The problem is that manufacturers of these goods propose professional and non-professional gasoline chainsaws to its customers. Partner Company is well known among loggers and house owners due to the vast choice of gasoline chainsaws for occasional and regular use. Partner P350S gasoline chainsaw is a semi-professional device that will suit to many types of buyers.

Partner P350S the best semi-professional chainsaw


Power, kW 1.48
Engine capacity, cc 38
Bar length, inch 16
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.25
Weight, kg 4.7

This particular product of Partner Company can interest both professional and novice loggers, cause this device is a powerful one, because of 1,48 kW petrol engine. This “steel heart” can easily perform easy work on a farm, as well as some tougher and more complicated tasks. Partner P350S is a definitely “must have” to all farmers and house owners, cause this model is extremely reliable one and will serve for long term. With a bar length of 16 inches, chain pitch of 3/8 inches and fuel tank with 0,25 liters this device will also become almost a perfect variant of back-up chainsaw for professionals.

Partner P350S is a heavy tool, its weight is 4,7 kg, so for some users this can become a small inconvenience. This weight is fully justified by the powerful engine and bar length, it’s almost a professional model. Manufacturer used several technologies to make lives of customers easier. First feature is called Easy to start system, fuel pump together with Soft Start reduces resistence in the starter cord up to 40%, every single logger will highly appreciate this system.

Fuel pump is one more widely spread feature, that removes all air from carburetor and fuel lines. Due to this technology Partner P350S chainsaw can boast with quick and easy start. Safety is one of the most crucial factors for every medium and big gasoline chainsaw, this one is very powerful for its type, so the producer used double activated chain brake system, it can be activated by user or by inertia.

Partner P350S — gasoline chainsaw that will suit to professionals and novices

Partner P350S performs multiple tasks

Partner is a daughter company of Husqvarna Outdoor Products, so all product are created using the best materials of the highest quality. Partner P350S is an extremely reliable gasoline chainsaw like all other models of this producer. Manufacturer ensures every customer that this chainsaw will work without problems at least for 5 years. In case of accurate exploitation and timely maintenance users can double the term of exploitation.

Partner P350S won’t bring any serious problems during exploitation, even novice users can use it and serve without difficulties. New parts have reasonable price and are easy to change. During working process buyers won’t feel hard vibration, cause this device has a special technology, that reduces the level of vibration. Everything is made to provide loggers with maximum level of comfort and to make the process of cutting easy and pleasant. Interesting and classical design also is a huge plus, model has nothing extra. It is good and reliable tool, that can be used for multiple tasks.

Partner P350S semi-professional gasoline chainsaw

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