Poulan PLN3516f 16 in. 3.5 HP electric chainsaw review

Poulan PLN3516f
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The Poulan PLN3516F chainsaw is a one-of –a kind piece of equipment that will surely help you in your cutting jobs. It is very handy because of its light-weight feature and at the same time compact design. It will surely give your hands and arms the ease of using the said equipment. This chainsaw will definitely assist you in your cutting jobs from trees to logs for your fireplace.


The Poulan PLN3516F is designed to be lighter in weight which makes it very easy to handle and use. It does not easily fatigue your arms which enable you to work more hours in your desired cutting jobs and the ease of handling such great equipment. This is surely convenient to use and performs very well.

The chainsaw also observes great start-ups even if the said equipment has been stored for longer periods of time. Although in some cases, it does not immediately start on in the first pull, but eventually it will. In terms of its capability to cut down logs, it can handle medium sized or relatively large in diameter sizes.


One of the negative sides found in this model of Poulan is the location and the on/off mechanism. You need to push on one side while sliding the run button forward. It is a little complex. There are also some issues on the tightening mechanism of the chain. It basically jumps off its sprocket that you need to further open the compartment of the equipment and reset the chain. This does not only happen once but it many times and it just made the whole thing a waste of time.

Another issue of concern is the oil spill after it is place back in the storage area after use. It has been observed that after a few days the equipment was used, all the oil was found to be in the shelf where it was placed. In terms of pulling the trigger, it requires lots of pressure to keep it connected. The equipment though it is assembled in one piece does not have a carrying case with it. That’s why you need to have an extra plastic to have it covered. Other thank those things, the sound of the chainsaw is so loud and noisy that you need to wear a hearing protection while making use of the equipment.

In terms of performance, the Poulan PLN3516F had a problem after using for 10 straight hours while cutting small branches and small trees.

Chainsaw for Medium Use!

The Poulan PLN3516 is the suitable piece of equipment that you can keep with you in your homes for the purpose of handling any call or need for medium-size cutting jobs. With its 16-inch bar and high power, you can expect a durable and quality performance form this piece of equipment.

Cutting equipment

Bar length 16 “
Chain pitch 3/8″

Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 12.5 lbs

Poulan PLN3516f 16 in. 3.5 HP electric chainsaw review

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