Professional and powerful Partner P360S gasoline chainsaw

Partner Company is renowned for its gasoline chainsaws for ordinary users and novice loggers. Nevertheless, this company can offer several models even to skilled and professional workers. This producer is a daughter company of famous Husqvarna Outdoor Products, so buyers shouldn’t worry about the quality of all its models. In this article we’ll comprehensively examine Partner P360S gasoline chainsaw.

Review of Partner P360S professional gasoline chainsaw


Power, kW 1.52
Engine capacity, cc 40
Bar length, inch 18
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0,25
Weight, kg 4.8

Partner P306S review

First of all, this device is very powerful, cause it can boast with 1,52 kW petrol engine, that provides all users with enough power. All professionals will highly appreciate rather compact size of this model.

Small size together with powerful engine will help to perform really hard and tough work with ease. This particular gasoline chainsaw has a long list of interesting features that help to get learning experience together with pleasure.

Easy access to the chain and to the bar is a great thing to any professional logger, so Partner P360S gasoline chainsaw offers quick and easy chain tensioning to every single user. The greatest advantage of this feature is that chain tensioner is tool-less. Producer guarantees quick start to every client, due to fuel pump, that moves away all air not only from carburetor but also from fuel lines. This gasoline chainsaw is also totally safe, due to the double activated chain brake.

Distinctive features of Partner P360S gasoline chainsaw

Partner P360S is a rather reliable and proficient device, producer made this possible with the help of centrifugal air cleaning system. Vibration has always been a big problem for many novice and professional loggers. Partner company has solved this problem by using anti-vib technology in all products. This simple technology removes all vibration and makes the process of work extremely easy and pleasant. Professionals value this technology, cause it helps to perform even tough work with ease.

Partner P360S weight is 4.8 kg, so its very light professional chainsaw and thousands of buyers have already highly estimated this fact.

This gasoline chainsaw can become the main device to every professional logger, it’s also a perfect variant for different tough tasks, cause this tool is extremely reliable and will help to perform all possible tasks. Novice users can also try this model, but it’s better for them to buy something less powerful. Partner Company has several chainsaws that were made especially for novice loggers, with the help of which they can gain all necessary experience and try production of this famous company. The main advantage of Partner P360S is its size, like all other Partner gasoline chainsaws, this one gives the user opportunity to perform hard work with it, cause all models are light-weighted. Light weight and compact size are crucial features to any chainsaws, even regarding professional tool, cause loggers value their time and need chainsaws like Partner P360S.

Professional gasoline chainsaw Partner P360S

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