Review of professional Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 gasoline chainsaw

Craftsman can offer Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 gasoline chainsaw to experienced woodcutters. This professional tool was created for really complicated tasks around big gardens, farms and woods. If you want to buy a reliable chainsaw for reasonable price, you should definitely try this model. Constructors and designers executed great work. They created powerful and reliable tool.

Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 technical characteristics


Power, kW 2
Engine capacity, cc 45.7
Bar length, inch 20
Chain pitch, inch 0.325
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.45

First of all, this model can offer good power to weight ratio. It features 2-cycle motor-engine with the displacement of 45.7 cc, maximum engine speed is equal to 9.000 rpm. This chainsaw isn’t the fastest one but will easily cut rather big trunks. Users can equip Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 with bars up to 20 inches. Experienced arborists know that this size is enough for the majority of routine tasks.

Users will definitely like Sim-Pul starting technology. It enables easier starting even of the cold instrument. Visible fuel level will help loggers to control the amount of gasoline. Decompression valve will help users with easy starting. This technology also helps to minimalize the fuel consumption rate. Automatic chain oiling saves chain and prolongs its life, just remember to add oil on time and sharpen it properly.

Reasons of good performance and main reasons to buy this chainsaw

 Craftsman Pro 45.7cc 20 tool for hard work

Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 gasoline chainsaw has rather low level of vibration for professional tool. This instrument also features anti vibration handle, that helps to work with pleasure and without problems. Snap lock cover and tool-less filter replacement helps with cleaning and changing these crucial details. This particular instrument is created with the materials of the highest quality. Due to this fact the producer insures all users for 10-year crankshaft and 7-year ignition module warranty. For better performance manufacturer created more cutting teeth.

Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 gasoline chainsaw was created for professional use. This tool can become the main instrument for many experienced arborists. Very powerful engine together with bar of average size brings better handling even in tough condition. Levels of vibration and noise are rather low for a tool of this kind. All these factors allow people to work more hours with comfort rather than with other chainsaws of this kind.

Things like side-mounted screw tensioning and easy lock covers that can be opened without special tools make servicing an easy process. Professionals can do the majority if things by themselves. Even these people can experience some serious problems, for example engine breakdowns. All in all, Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 gasoline chainsaw is very reliable and qualitative instrument. Tough work will be performed very quickly with this instrument.

Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 gasoline chainsaw (video review)

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