Review of reliable Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw

Many novice users and those people who want to become professional arborists in future need a chainsaw to start with. Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw is rather interesting variant. This instrument is an acceptable variant as the first chainsaw. It’s simple, not heavy and rather compact, moreover it features good engine and some technologies that will make user’s life more pleasant. Even rather experienced users can pay attention on this model.

Specifications of Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw

Technical characteristics of Echo CS-303T


Engine capacity, cc 30.1
Bar length, inch 12-14
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.25
Weight, kg 3.4

Engine capacity of this model is equal to 30.1 cc, this 2-stroke engine insures adequate performance. This detail of Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw has a standard starting system that insures quick and easy start. It will take some time to start the motor only if it’s a cold start or tool was stored for a long time, for example during the winter. Operators can work with bars from 12 to 14 inches, it’s enough to perform all possible tasks even around big households and farms. The weight of the instrument is only 3,4 kg (without bar and chain), so producer guarantees good power to weight ratio. Fuel tank volume of this model is equal to 0.25 liters and oil tank volume to 0,15 liters. Users won’t add oil and gasoline too often and can fully concentrate on work.

Important features of Echo CS-303T

Peculiarities of Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw

Reasons to buy Echo CS-303T

Actually, oiling is automatic process of Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw. There are other interesting features that simplifies the working process. Chain tensioner is located aside so it’s convenient to adjust chain whenever you want, unfortunately you will need a tool to do this. Top handle of this model is extended in order to be more convenient , users also will experience better control and maneuverability. It also features a standard system of vibration reduction. The number of these features isn’t a great one, but it’s enough for a non-professional instrument.

Moreover, this model has rather reasonable price, of course there are cheaper variants that are almost the same, according to technical characteristics, Partner P340S is a very good example.. Nevertheless, Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw has one crucial thing, producer gives 5-year warranty. In case of careful usage, in time cleaning and maintenance this term can be prolonged. Chainsaw is very reliable and can work even in tough conditions. Still don’t use it for complicated work like cutting the trunks of big diameter. Maybe the tool will fulfill this task, but the possibility of breakdowns will increase dramatically. Especially novice operators should study attached manual and read some guides about chainsaws, their work and servicing.

Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw won’t satisfy experienced and professional loggers. At the same time novice loggers and homeowners will definitely like this simple and reliable instrument. It’s light and compact for a typical gasoline chainsaw so can be used practically everywhere, in some cases it suits not only for occasional but also for regular work. User can take it deep in the woods to cut some firewood, or trim bushes and cut branches around the yard. This tool can be taken into consideration if you’re going to buy your first chainsaw.

Echo CS-303T gasoline chainsaw (video review)

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