Review of semi-professional Poulan P4018 gasoline chainsaw

Extremely reliable professional instruments are very important things for experienced loggers. The same thing is with different homeowners and farmers, who need rather powerful but not professional tools both for occasional and regular use. Poulan P4018 is a very good example of universal gasoline chainsaw that combines features of instruments for occasional and regular use.

Description of Poulan P4018 gasoline chainsaw

Technical characteristics of Poulan P4018


Engine capacity, cc 40
Bar length, inch 18
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Weight, kg 5.3

Poulan Company has a lot of chainsaws for professional arborists, but can also offer qualitative products for novices and non-professional users. Among the best examples stands Poulan P4018 gasoline chainsaw. It features 2-cycle gasoline engine with the capacity equal to 40 cc. The weight of the instrument is equal to 5.3 kg. In this case we can observe rather good power to weight ratio. All users will highly appreciate this fact.

Operators can work with bars up to 18 inches. Company provides comfort, with the help of 18 inches bar user can perform a lot of different tasks around the yard. Chain pitch is equal to 3/8 inches, so there will be no problems to cut something. At least till the moment before your chain is sharpened in a proper way.

Modern systems and technologies of this chainsaw

Technologies of Poulan P4018 gasoline chainsaw

Reasons to buy Poulan P4018 gasoline chainsaw

Modern gasoline chainsaws have at least some useful systems to make the working process easier. Poulan P4018 gasoline chainsaw can also interest potential users with some of them. Primer bulb of this instrument insures easy and quick engine start. Automatic Oiler is one more simple but very useful feature of this tool. Chain break system insures safety and well-being by stopping the chain when it is necessary. Air filtration systems prolong engine life and life of the whole instrument. Sometimes even very small particulars may lead to difficulties and breakdowns. Careful exploitation will help to prevent this instrument from different breakdowns. At the same time, standard term of usage can be prolonged.

If you’re not planning to perform really hard tasks it’s better to choose a professional gasoline chainsaw, like Poulan Pro PP4218AVX. In case you need to cut some branches or trees and trim your bushes or even to do something with firewood buy Poulan P4018 gasoline chainsaw. This universal instrument will definitely satisfy you. There are also problems with this tool, some users say that plastic elements of it are not so durable as other parts. Due to this fact you’ll have to change them more often. Nevertheless, it’s worth saying that all in all this rather good instrument. Moreover, it can boast with very reasonable price, that’s why homeowners and farmers should direct attention to it.

Review of Poulan P4018 gasoline chainsaw

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