Safety precautions for novice loggers

Chainsaw is a highly technological instrument but still it’s very dangerous to handle it. It may seem very easy to master this tool, but in fact this is a rather hard task. Many authors advise not to use heavy and powerful chainsaws before you have some practice with light-weighted models. Manufacturers minimize the level of possible risk. Users can also minimize it, handling instruments carefully and following all rules for safe work with gasoline chainsaw.

Tips that will definitely save your life

Precautions that can save logger's life

How to work safely with gasoline chainsaw

Maybe one of the most crucial thing is to work in team or at least in pair. In case of the accidents your partners will hear your scream and will give you the first aid. Some novices will definitely find this piece of advice an unnecessary one, but experienced loggers know that this is a good precaution. Use mechanic chain break every time you change your position, talk to somebody or just have a quick look at the blue sky. Don’t let anybody to distract you from the working process.

First aid kit together with a whistle is a “must have” thing in case you work alone. If something bad happens you can use a whistle to attract attention. With the help of the first aid kit logger can give himself the first aid and wait for people. Pay special attention to your feet. Try to clean the ground of your working area before starting. It’s very hard to keep balance with a 5 kg instrument in your hands. Shut off your tool when you want to change your position and also before putting it on the ground.

If you’re planning to work long hours, convert some firewood and load your truck with it, make some preparations. Take some extra fuel not only for your truck but also for your gasoline chainsaw. Domestic and semi-professional chainsaws won’t suit for work like this, it’s always better to take some light professional tool. Don’t forget additional portions of oil and lubricants for your engine and bar. Extra air filters, spark plugs, chains and sprockets should be also taken. With this bevy you won’t experience any problems during hard work and successfully fulfill all tasks. There is one good tip, after every hour of working stop your chainsaw and examine it properly. First of all check oil and fuel tanks, if they are almost empty add all necessary liquids. Don’t forget about cleaning air filter and all crucial parts of your tool.

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Breaks during the work are also crucial things not only for gasoline chainsaws but also for users. In case you don’t want to experience constant pain in your arms and back make breaks. Don’t be lazy to read manual for your tool and some articles on the Internet about all possible means of precaution as well as about increasing your own safety during working process.

There are some most important tips that should be taken into consideration for safe work with gasoline chainsaw. Protective gear costs good sums of money but increases protection in several times. Don’t forget to check all nuts and screws, they should be tightened in a proper way. It’s better to start your tool on the ground and press it with a knee. Kickback is a dangerous thing, so take tip of your chainsaw away from different objects. Cut all possible things using approved and safe cutting techniques, they will save your instrument from breakdowns and you from dangerous accidents. Don’t even try to rise your instrument above the chest and stay uphill from the work. Focus your attention on work and keep your eyes open. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol during working process, cause these things can lead to horrible consequences.

Chainsaw is like a girl or guitar, so never give or loan it to other people. In case you have given your tool to somebody, carefully examine it afterwards. Check everything starting from adjustment of bar and chain up to screws and nuts. Pay attention to your instrument and everything will be OK.

Tips for safe work with gasoline chainsaw

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